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Annotated bibliography examples harvard style

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Annotated bibliographies are essential in completing a well-structured doctoral study. Doctoral Study Introduction My doctoral study topic focuses on Internet security for businesses. Internet security Is a broad topic that Involves a multitude of theories, beliefs, recommendations, and guidelines. My article selections detailed a synopsis of the government’s responsibility and the end users obligation to internet security.

In addition, the annotated bibliographies give the reader a summarization of the article through it’s main focal points. The two articles below are for my doctoral study.

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Annotated bibliography examples harvard style
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In the article, “The psychology of password management: a tradeoff between security and convenience”, the author conducted a survey with 133 participants examining five password management behaviors. The study shed light on computer users’ interest level In maintaining internet security. The analysis indicated that the participants were more Intrigued with convenience than security.

According to Salesman, Tam, ; Vanderburgh (2010), In contrast to the traditional belief that an understanding of the Importance of online security leads to better password management behavior, our studies show that only users who are willing to trade convenience for security choose strong passwords”.

Therefore, users will only improve their internet activity if they envision their actions as personal risk. Secondly, the article “New approach to subjectivity, by Clinton (2012) discuss how the government address internet security.

The article implies that the federal government has not improved it’s tactics an attacking cyber security. Therefore, the average user is at risk of one of the many forms of internet warfare. Furthermore, Clinton (2012) argued, “regulations can’t keep up with rapidly changing technology and attack methods. U. S regulations only reach U. S companies, whereas the problems are International. And regulating technology Impedes innovation and investment, which we cannot afford”.


My Limited experience with annotated bibliography has room for Improvement. However, this exercise has broadened my experience and strengthens my creative writing skills.

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