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Annotated Bibliography Essay

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Hahn, R. , & Prieger, J. (2006). The impact of driver cell phone use on accidents. B. E. Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy: Advances in Economic Analysis and Policy, 6(1)1-37. Retrieve June 18, 2010, from EBSCOhost database. This article explains how using cell phones while driving has increased accidents on the road. A study was performed to provide information for estimating the relationship between cell phone use while driving and accidents. The results states there were more accidents due to cell phone usage in vehicles than someone not using a cell phone.

Kohli, D. , Sachdev, A. , & Vats, H. 2009). Cell phones and tumor: Still in no man’s land. Indian Journal of Cancer, 46(1), 5-12. doi:10. 4103/0019-509X. 48589.

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Annotated Bibliography
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This is very useful information from Dr. Kohli, which he explains how the use of cell phones may be a risk to people’s health. It can take up to 10 years to find out if someone has develop a brain tumor or maybe even cancer from radiation.

There have been widespread of concerns about the deleterious effects of radiofrequency radiations on human tissues and there is going to be further research and informed decisions pertaining to cell phone use to be made. Maier, M. , Blakemore, C. & Koivisto, M. (2000, May 13). The health hazards of mobile phones. BMJ: British Medical Journal, 320(7245), 1288-2. Retrieved from Academic Search Complete database EBSCOhost. Great resource explaining how mobiles phones are low power radio devices that transmit and receive radio frequency radiation. There is a concern that this might promote or induce cancer. So far there is no clear evidence from epidemiological studies of a relation between mobile phone use and mortality. The only established health hazard cited by independent groups comes from the use of mobile phones while driving.

The risk is the same for a drunk driver and also when a person is using a cell phone can cause an accident. Mead, M. (2008). Strong signal for cell phone effects. Environmental Health Perspectives, 116(10), A422. Retrieved from Academic Search Complete database EBSCOhost. The article discusses potential health risks to children that are using cell phones. According to Nielsen Mobile, human’s exposure to low-energy radiation has increased. The author did a great job explaining how the Swedish researchers found that cell phones are linked to gliomas [malignant brain tumors].

The wireless industry supports the continuation of research as technology continues to evolve, but also wants to state the fact there are consensus leading health organizations that have published research showing there is no concern for people using their cell phones. O’Keefe, S. (2008). Does the use of cell phones cause brain tumors?. Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing, 12(4), 671-672. doi:10. 1188/08. CJON. 671-672. The article explains the information about whether cell phone use can increase the risk of brain tumors. The studies completed up-to-date has produced conflicting results.

There have been lawsuits filed that have fueled this myth in which cell phones cause cancer. Cell phones have become a large part of the world communication system. Statistics shows that 79% of the U. S. populations own cell phones. The author concludes that there is no definite proof of increased brain tumor risk with the use of cell phones and similar technology. * How do you decide what information is noteworthy and what is not? When you have found information that is pertaining to your topic and if you find an article that is not completely about your topic, then you might not want to use the information. How do you determine whether to quote, paraphrase, or summarize a source? Quote is when there is extensive information needed to record and paraphrase is to make a point with pertinent information and summarize is when you need to condense information. * What must you do to convert the annotated bibliography to an APA-formatted reference page as part of the rough draft of your research paper? Check carefully to make sure everything in your entries is in the right order, your punctuation is correct, and the spacing are correct.

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