Annotated bibliography Essay

Annotated bibliography

1. Begley, Sharon. “Music on the Brain”, Newsweek136.4 (2000): 50-52

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Annotated bibliography
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            This publication provides an inclusive psychological analysis of music therapy and its application in different cases.  The author uses different examples and previous researches that have been conducted on the same topic to emphasize on its applications. Besides, it offers a clear comparison for the system with other methods that are used in addressing similar conditions.  This paper employs the works of this author to bring out the necessary understanding and application of the music therapy in from a psychological pointy of view.  Further more it is used to support different applications as used in the paper and in the generation of the conclusion.

2. Casey, E. “Natural Healing: holistic wellness solutions”, Natural Health 39.5 (2009): 80-81


            This publication explores music therapy as one of the methods used for natural healing and how it operates to effect this consideration.  With the author taking a medical point of view, the publication gives an insight on how the therapy should be applied and its advantages over the other conventional methods in the market.  To add to that, it also offers a clear outline of how this therapy should be combined with other systems to achieve greater levels of efficiency in treatments.  It is from this intrinsic consideration that this paper used Casey’s insight to bring out and emphasize medical therapy.

3. Costa-Giomi, E et al., “Straight Talk about Music and Research”, Teaching Music 7.3 (1999): 29-34


            The authors in this publication bring out the role of music in the training institutions to perfect the ability of the students in effecting their general pedagogic capacities.  To bring out the role of music in refreshing the brain and giving it a different view of different problems that face the students in their training institutions, the authors give a clear analysis of prior researches and studies on music therapy.  It is from this consideration that the author’s recommendations have been very essential in supporting the thesis development of this of this paper as well as the conclusion development.  Particularly, it anchors the intrinsic connotation of the mystery that music plays and rehabilitation of the different people in different centers with different medical conditions.

4. Jourdain R, Music, The Brain and Ecstasy, 1998.2 July 2009 < >


            This article provides a holistic review of different Avon books [ISBN 0-380-78209-X] that looks at the music as a mood enhancer. By sticking mostly to classical music, this article provides a clear interlink of how the people interrelate with music with hearing being classified as the most recent sense behind others like vision and touch.  In addition, the author brings out the differing ranges of music and their affect to the people.  Towards the end, the author effectively relates the mood enhancement brought by music to personality traits of the different individuals listening to it.  This paper used this reference to emphasize the effects of music therapy due to its effective convincing aspect brought out by the author.

5. Lew, Kayle, Brain Music Therapy”, American Fitness, 24.3 (2006): 26-27


            This journal provides an effectively integrated outlook of music therapy as it is applied by different people.  Particularly, the author uses previous case examples where music therapy has been effectively used.  By providing an effective progression of the music therapy and its increasing role in changing the peoples’ perceptions, the author derives the possible future of music therapy use at a global level.  By linking the present and the future use of music therapy, the book becomes very relevant in dictating the route that people should assimilate to affect better human livelihood.  Following its insightful and convincing consideration, this paper applies the concepts of this publication to bring out the phenomena of music therapy use in relation to effecting creativity and concentration in people’s productivity.  Besides, the paper further uses the publication to bring out the diversity of application and acceptability of its application among the different classes of people in different careers.

6. Monglione, S.F. Effect of Classical Music on the Brain, 2009.2 July 2009 < >


            This web article provides an inclusive outline of how classical music affects the brain in terms of organization and its abilities in different operations at different times.  It therefore gives a clear account of the relationship between biological implications and psychological manifested in form of the differing capabilities of an individual. By outlining the brain components and their overall affect they get from different sound stimulants, the paper is no doubt one of the best in explaining the general mystery of music therapy.  To add to that, it has also been employed in this paper to bring out the magnitude of its effects for different purposes.

7. Paul, S and David, R. “Music therapy in physical medicine and rehabilitation”, Australian Occupational Therapy Journal 47.1 (2000):111-118

            This publication brings out the role of music therapy in rehabilitation of people with different conditions.  The findings of this research provide a convincing argument that interlinks the biological and psychological aspects in offering an account of how music therapy works. Being a direct report by the researcher, the author provides a clear outline of how the music therapy is supposed to be applied and also offers an insight on how it should be evaluated for its efficiency.  This paper used this publication to bring out the same role of rehabilitation in its application and to further derive the notion of reliability in different applications.

8. Sacks, O. The Power of Music, 2006.2 July 2009 < >

            This publication provides a summarized overview of music therapy and its application in different cases.  The author takes the views of different professionals like psychologists, biologists and philosophers to enhance his arguments.  The publication therefore offers a highly synthesized evaluation of this therapy by explaining the mystery of its application to the human cases. The arguments presented in this journal were used to emphasize on origin of the therapy and its holistic application in the medical realms.

9. Glenn and Margaret Ann, “The power of music” American Legion 166.4 (2009):14-14


            Authors in this publication bring out the effectiveness of music therapy in addressing different conditions of the people.  To add to that, they effectively link the methods that should be applied for greater levels of efficiency.  To further indicate the ability of music therapy, they utilize varying examples that have been employed with different levels of success.  Due to the great convincing capacity of this publication, this paper used it to further emphasize on the ability of this the therapy in different medical and rehabilitative purposes.

10. Weinberger, N.M. “Music and the Brain”, Scientific American.  24.10(2006).578-581.


            This journal provides a clear insight of the application of music therapy from a biological point of view.  Using clear examples and diagrammatic expressions, the journal provides an understanding of music therapy and the thresholds that it can be used to obtain different impacts.

Though it does not give direct recommendations on the different types of music that should be employed, this paper employs the aspects it provides to infer the origin and process of brain music therapy.

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