Annotated Bibliography An Assessment of Recent Trends in Girl’s Violence Essay

Annotated Bibliography

Steffensmeier, D., Schwarz, J., Zhong, A., & Ackerman, J - Annotated Bibliography An Assessment of Recent Trends in Girl’s Violence Essay introduction. (2005). An Assessment of Recent Trends in Girl’s Violence Using Diverse Longitudinal Sources: Is the Gender Gap Closing? Criminology, 43, 2, pp. 355-406.

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Annotated Bibliography An Assessment of Recent Trends in Girl’s Violence
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In the paper the authors make an excellent effort to examine recent trends in girls’ violence and to identify whether violence rates of the girls are higher or close to those of the boys. Recent researches show that gender gap is closing meaning that girls become as violent as boys. Arrest statistics of the Uniform Crime Reports represent victimization data, in which the rise of girls’ violence is observed over the past decades. The authors try to examine the reasons of girl’s violence, to analyse situations, in which they are very likely to commit a crime and the results of such violence. Further, they examine the effect of less tolerant families on girls’ violence rates and societal attitudes towards juvenile girls.

Popular press strongly argues that the gap between female and male violence is shrinking, but some researchers say that such assessment is premature. One of the reasons is that lives of some girls are damaged because of either family problems or private problems. Of course, the effect of arrest is negative because criminal labelling damages further life of every person. Psychologists and criminologists think that girls’ violence rates are increasing, and greater resources are needed for fighting and preventing measures. By nature, girls should not be prone to be verbally intimidating or physically aggressive, but material, family and personal problems may shift that. The authors conclude that girls’ violence is more social construction rather than empirical reality. It is the cumulative effect of policy shifts, not the changes in girls’ behavior.

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