Annotated Bibliography Gene therapies and the pursuit of a better human

Annotated Bibliography

Boone, K - Annotated Bibliography Gene therapies and the pursuit of a better human introduction. (1988): Gene therapies and the pursuit of a better human: Cambridge University Press: Vol.18,

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The author Boone sees the new technologies as of advantage though frightening. His position is that this technologies is helping in eliminating human suffering but he also caution the scientific world on introduction of certain programs like human cloning

Webster, (2008): In Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary: Retrieved on December 16th 2008, from

The writer brings the reader to the better understanding of the meaning of clone. The authors reveal other terms which the readers needs to understand in the field genetic as well as provide links for more information

Kass, L. and Wilson, J. (1998): The Ethics of Human Cloning: American Enterprise Institute

The content of the article dwells on the medical and scientific benefits in therapeutic cloning. The authors believe that the invention is morally necessary under condition that it attains same safety as other reproductive methods and that the argument against reproductive cloning is unacceptable

Kunich, J. (2003): The Naked Clone: How Cloning Bans Threaten Our Personal Rights: Praeger Publishers.

Kunich’s worker is comprehensive argument that brings the readers to the understanding of the cloning debate. His cogent work maintains is aimed on directing the readers on technology world rather than legislation and public policy without straightforward explanations

Thomas, S. (1998): Utilitarianism: The University of Adelaide, Retrieved 17 December 2008, from

The author bases his argument of human cloning the factor   which does determine the moral part of humankind.

National Bioethics Advisory Commission, (1999): Ethical Issues in Human Stem Cell: National Bioethics Advisory Commission, Rockville Maryland: Retrieved 06 December 2008 from

This is report from a commission which focused on the ethical questions concerning human embryonic stem cell and embryonic germ cell

Robinson, B. (2007): Reproductive and Therapeutic Cloning: Retrieved 15 December 2008,      from

The work of Robison is paramount in relating the different cloning process like therapeutic cloning to human cloning. He involves the state stand about setting the bills on cloning researches with total banning of cloning by the legislators.

John, P.(1983): dangers of genetic manipulation: Eternal Word Television Network: Retrieved 15 December 2008, from

The argument is that technology on therapeutic intervention is appraised but the human nature and dignity should not be reduce to object through reproductive cloning

Troy, D. (1984): Behavioral genetics, genetic technology, and the problem of public understanding: Ablex Publishing Corp.

The author argues more on the risks which might arise from human cloning as related to the social life of man.

Haring, B. (1975): ethics of manipulation: issues in medicine, behavior control and genetics: Seabury press

The author argues against the human cloning due to its effects of disrupting human procreation task and compromising sense of belonging identity and continuity. He further bases his work on social life family and marriage life concerns.

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