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Annotated Bibliography on Global Warming Essay

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Annotated Bibliography on Global Warming
Works Cited

Barze Jr., R. Bruce and Thomas L. Casey. “The future of greenhouse gas emission     regulations: Massachusetts v. Environmental Protection Agency.” Defense       Counsel Journal 74 (Jul. 2007): 269-273. 17 Oct. 2007             <http://galenet.galegroup.com.ezproxy1.library.arizona.edu/servlet/BCRC?vrsn=            160&locID=uarizona_main&ste=5&docNum=A167510332>.

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Annotated Bibliography on Global Warming
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(This article analyzes the majority and dissenting opinions of the Supreme Court of the United States in the case of Massachusetts v. Environmental Protection Agency. The case decided the extent of the authority and jurisdiction of the Environmental Protection Agency in regulating the greenhouse gas emissions of new motor vehicles.


“EU agrees to new renewable energy and emission targets.(International Report).”      Global Warming Today (12 Mar. 2007): General OneFile. Gale. University of       Arizona Library. 17 Oct. 2007

            <http://find.galegroup.com.ezproxy1.library.arizona.edu/itx/start.do?prodId=ITOF           >.

(The article discusses how the countries making up the European Union set goals to save the environment. The goals include raising the consumption of renewable energies in the future and reducing the emission of greenhouse gases.

This shows how the European Union is helping in the global action towards climate change.)

“EU to switch to energy-efficient bulbs.(International Report).” Global Warming Today            (12 Mar. 2007): General OneFile. Gale. University of Arizona Library. 17 Oct.            2007

            <http://find.galegroup.com.ezproxy1.library.arizona.edu/itx/start.do?prodId=ITOF           >.

(This article reports the decision to use energy efficient lighting in European homes, offices and streets, which was reached after a summit conducted by nations under the European Union. The decision is supposed to take effect before the end of the decade.)

Flannery, Tim. “Not such a lucky country: for a taste of what climate change can mean,          look no further than Australia.” New Scientist 194 (16 June 2007): 5.

(This article enumerates the various deleterious effects of global warming on Australia. Among these are loss in rainfall and the decline in the flow of rivers therein. The article also suggests steps that could save it from further negative effects of global warming.)

Grinberg, Maya. “That sinking feeling.” Risk Management 54 (Aug. 2007): 8. 17 Oct.    2007             <http://galenet.galegroup.com.ezproxy1.library.arizona.edu/servlet/BCRC?vrsn=            160&locID=uarizona_main&ste=5&docNum=A167585561>.

(This article discusses global warming, particularly its possible effects to the world’s major cities. It also discusses expectations and predictions about the near future and global warming, and the dangers faced by even the world’s most developed cities.)

Hansen, James. “Climate catastrophe: NASA physicist James Hansen explains why he         thinks a sea level rise of several metres will be a near certainty if greenhouse gas        emissions keep increasing unchecked–and why other scientists are reluctant to    speak out.” New Scientist 195 (28 Jul. 2007):30-34. 17 Oct. 2007.

(Hansen discusses in this article the possibility for rising sea level in the very near future. He also discusses the reasons why the past millennium found an increase in the rate of the rise of the sea level.)

“Killer heat waves.” New Scientist 195 (7 Jul. 2007): 5. 17 Oct. 2007.

(This article discusses the possible effects of global warming in different seasons in various cities. The predictions are provided by a study of temperature and mortality in 50 US cities. The article also talks about the reasons why differences in temperature account for increased death rates.)

“Now for the hard part: we know what needs to be done about global warming, but will           we do it?” New Scientist 194 (12 May 2007): 3.

(This article enumerates the suggestions and new technology presented by scientists to combat global warming. It thus challenges politicians to take the appropriate action to give effect to such suggestions. It states that this is the time for politicians to show their true colors.)

Roberts, Ian. “Say no to global guzzling: there is a clear link between the obesity          epidemic sweeping the world and the rise of global warming.” New Scientist 194    (30 June 2007): 21.

(This article traces the links between obesity of people and global warming. Roberts does not see obesity as an issue concerning only public health, but as a factor to the increased consumption of fossil fuel by humans. He cites the use of cars and other labor-saving devices as main reasons for global warming.)

Weart, Spencer. “Reasons to be cheerful: global warming is unlike any crisis humanity          has faced before, but we are better equipped to deal with it than many of us realise.” New Scientist 194 (14 Apr. 2007): 20.

(The article presents global warming as an unprecedented challenge facing humanity. However, the article also presented a view of the past challenges as shown by history. It provides a hopeful tone regarding global warming by pointing out this generation’s chances of overcoming this challenge, due to global response to the issue.)

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