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Smoking - Annotated Bibliography – Smokers and Nonsmokers introduction. National Cancer Institute. Retrieved Mar 14, 2009, from


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                      “Smoking,” on the website of National Cancer Institute provides statistics on tobacco use.  These statistics are backed by scientific research.  The website also offers various links on further research on the subject.  “NIH State-of-the-Science Statement on Tobacco Use: Prevention, Cessation and Control,” for example, is an  authoritative scientific statement on the topic endorsed by the National Institutes of Health.

  In fact, all web pages on this website are credible as the National Cancer Institute is an acknowledged authority on the subject of tobacco use.  The pages are regularly updated and properly referenced.  Information is provided in an objective manner. Even the advice offered for cessation of smoking is backed by scientific facts, for example, in “Quitting Tobacco: Challenges, Strategies, and Benefits.”  Hence, thiswebsite is highly useful for the current project on smokers and nonsmokers.

Psychological effects of smoking are also touched upon at this site.  This knowledge is sure to enrich the current research.

Tobacco Use. Healthy People 2010. Retrieved Mar 14, 2009, from

                      “Tobacco Use,” on the website of Healthy People 2010 is a research article on the topic of quitting smoking.  The article explains why tobacco use is harmful and how tobacco consumption may be reduced.  It further discusses the effects of passive smoking.  All information is backed by scientific research.

                      Healthy People 2010 is a government initiative to achieve healthcare related goals for a healthy America.  Thus, all information on their website must be considered objective and reliable.  References are provided with “Tobacco Use.”  Although information on the webpage is sufficient for the current project, reputable references provided with the article may widen the scope of the present study.  The webpage offers statistics on passive smoking to boot.  This makes “Tobacco Use” an essential source for the current research.

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