Annotated Bibliography We Did Not Cause Global Warming Essay

Annotated Bibliography

We Did Not Cause Global Warming

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Annotated Bibliography We Did Not Cause Global Warming Essay
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Billy, Cynthia A - Annotated Bibliography We Did Not Cause Global Warming Essay introduction. “Many Scientists Agree that Global Warming is a Human-Caused Problem.” Global Warming: Opposing Viewpoints. (2006): 1-8.

                         This viewpoint article outlines the discrepancies between scientific and environmentalist views on global warming.  This article explains the different positions that the scientific and environmental communities take on issues including human causes, climate models, and aerosols as they relate to global warming.  The author explains how understanding, observation, and analysis creates a different conclusion in each camp and no consensus exists on cause, effect, or solution.

Henderson, Mark. “New Proof that Man has Caused Global Warming.” Times Online 18 Feb. 2005.

            This article summarizes the findings of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography using the greenhouse gas emission model to prove that the Earth’s oceans are warming.  The fact that the simulations match patterns in ocean temperatures is presented as evidence that global warming is a human caused event.  The premise of this research is that if results can be replicated that global warming must be human caused.  This research is limited in that it does not report the results of other simulation models that were studied.

Jasper, William F. “2008 climate debate: a gathering of experts from around the world debunks claims of “scientific consensus” concerning human-caused global-warming doomsday scenarios.” The New American 31 Mar. 2008: 12. General One File.Gale.

             This article highlights the difference between scientific consensus and socio-economic consensus about global warming.  Jasper notes that Kyoto and similar protocols are based on social claims and supported that are not evidenced by scientific research and consensus.  This article underscores the need and potential benefits of bringing social, economic, and political policy makers together with the scientific community to facilitate better understanding and consensus about global warming issues and initiatives.

Leidig, Michael, and Nikkah Roya. “The Truth About Global Warming – It’s the Sun That’s to Blame.” 7 Jun. 2004.

            This article reports on German and Swiss scientific research that confirms that an increasingly hotter sun is responsible for global warming.  This research is limited by the lack of incorporating other climate related factors.  However, it still dispels the central social environmental idea that greenhouse gas emissions are at the heart of global warming.

Ravilious, Kate. “Mars Melt Hints at Solar, Not Human, Cause for Warming, Scientist Says.” National Geographic News 28 Feb. 2007. 2008 < ws/2007/02/070228-mars-warming.html>.

            The author challenges the claim that greenhouse gas emissions causes global warming by presenting the research of  Habibullo Abdussamatov, head of space research at St. Petersburg’s Pulkovo Astronomical Observatory in Russia.  His studies show that ice caps on Mars are affected by the sun.  In the same manner, Earth is being affected.  This research is important because there is no life on Mars that contributes to that global warming affect, therefore readers can conclude that human sources are not the only cause for the warming effect.

Moser, Susanne C., and Lisa Dilling. Creating a Climate for Change: Communicating Climate Change and Facilitating Social Change. Cambrigde University Press, 2007.

             This book is a guideline for educators and researchers in both the scientific and environmental lobby sectors.  The various chapters include contributions from leading academic and scientific experts.  Moser and Dilling encourage an academic approach to teaching and advocating for, or against global warming issues.  It encourages readers to rely less on emotionally charged presentation from environmentalist making social and political claims.  Readers are encouraged d to change the education initiatives to facilitate understanding of all issues related to climate change, to expand definitions, and to create a legitimate scientific curriculum.

Smith, Lewis. “Blame Cosmic Rays not CO2 for Warming Up the Planet.” Times Online 12 Feb. 2007.

            This article explains how radiation in the atmosphere affects aerosols released into the atmosphere that contribute to the global warming effect.  The importance of this article is that while humans are releasing a certain amount of aerosols into the atmosphere, humans alone are not responsible for the chemical reactions in the atmosphere.  What the reader can conclude from this article is that both human and existing atmospheric or environmental factors work together and separately to contribute to global warming.

“What is Global Warming?” Climate Crisis. “An Inconvenient Truth – official website” 2008. < ce/>.

            This is the official website for the Nobel prize winning film by former Vice President Al Gore.  It presents the working definition of global warming used in the film.  It also makes a call to action against global warming based on a series of “overwhelming and undeniable” pieces of evidence.  This site summarizes the socio-political driven environmentalist claims about the causes and solutions for global warming.

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