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“Anorexia Nervosa” Eating Disorder

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  • Pages 2
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    1. Fill in the chart below for your topic. You may use the information on the Charting a Comparison and Contrast Topic page that you completed in the last lesson. Answer:

    Topic: Bulimia Nervosa
    Topic: Anorexia Nervosa

    Bulimics tend to be of normal, or overweight


    A feeling of lack of control over eating during the binges

    Exercises excessively

    Irregular heart rate, leading to possible heart failure

    Treat psychological issues such as mood or anxiety disorders


    Eating Disorder

    Mental and physical diseases

    low-self esteem


    addiction problems


    excessive use if diet pills
    Refusal to maintain weight that’s over the lowest weight considered normal for age and height.

    Exercises excessively



    Irregular heart rate, leading to possible heart failure

    Treat psychological issues such as depression, self-esteem, and interpersonal conflicts

    Anorexics are underweight

    (20 points)
    2. Use this chart to put your points in order. (Refer to Carlos’s onscreen examples in this lesson if you need help.) Fill out the chart below for all the points of comparison and contrast for your two topic items. Remember to list the points in the same order in both columns. Write the two topic items as headings on the top lines. Answer:

    (15 points)
    3. Write a thesis statement based on the material you have gathered about your topic. You may use the same thesis statement you wrote in your Student Guide in the previous lesson, or you may write a new thesis statement. Remember that your thesis statement should say more than that there are similarities and differences between your two topic items. You should assert some conclusion about those similarities and differences.

    Do you have an eating disorder? Are you Anorexia and Bulimic? Well if you are then you need to seek medical attention right away. These disorders have much in common but also differ in many ways; they can be deadly and play a major role on your body, so seek medical attention. Once you do, then it will feel good to be able to eat and be the right weight and not have to worry about purging all the food you eat, or not getting enough food.

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