Answer to Coursework: Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Answer to Coursework: Cognitive Behavior Therapy

            In the case of Hal and Pete, Hal wants to resolve their conflict or, if not, just end up the relationship.  He is tired of feeling that he must always prove himself to his partner… tired of feeling that he really is not good enough to settle the issues.  Pete always tells him that he’s a guy who really doesn’t care, who is insensitive, inadequate, and who is an upset to people.  As for Pete, he feels that he is being deserted, unappreciated, not being cared for in the way he believes Hal should - Answer to Coursework: Cognitive Behavior Therapy introduction.  He feels he is obliged to please Hal for, if not, he might just simply leave… and Pete is afraid of that—of being left alone.  He expects many things from his partner—one that can be relied on, someone to listen to him, accepts the way he is, who wants to be with him, and one who would approve of everything that he does.

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            From the case given, it is evident that Pete is actually the one that has more severe problem than Hal does.  Both reflect, in a certain degree, self-defeating attitudes that have been the direct cause of their misery.  Pete has engaged himself in the relationship because he feels that he should; therefore, he would.  For Hal, on the other hand, the way Pete thinks and reacts has given him much heavier load—one that is more than he could bear.  To solve the case, there is a need for Pete to realize that what he has been up to is actually the effect of an emotional disturbance caused by irrational views and illogical beliefs.  The consequence of a certain event is based on the individual’s belief system.  This needs to be challenged, so that illogical and irrational beliefs would be transformed to more logical and rational ones.

            In the case of Pete, much of his psychological problem stems from a certain path of insecurity, which is the effect of having been a heterosexual and would, therefore, be unwanted and appreciated by people.  This faulty and dysfunctional thinking drives him into a misconception that relationship is the answer to the problem because it is needed—not wanted.  To solve the case, they should first get rid of their misery by being thankful and appreciative of who they really are, and then, finally, by accepting who others really are.


Corey, G. (2004). Chapter 10: Cognitive behavior therapy. Theory and practice of counseling & psychotherapy (7th ed). Tampa, FL: Thomson.

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