Answering questions Decision Theory Models Essay

Look at the Power Point presentation on quality from the articles page - Answering questions Decision Theory Models Essay introduction. Pick any one topic from that presentation and discuss it here.

I selected type I and II errors for my discussion. As mentioned in the book, type I errors refer to instances wherein a statistical study leads to a conclusion that the process is not under control when it actually is. For me, this presents an error leading to over-exertion. Since management will be led to believe that something is wrong, they would employ measures to fix something that doesn’t need fixing thereby wasting resources. In the case of type II errors, I consider it an error leading to a loss of opportunity. Since management doesn’t know that something is wrong, they won’t do anything to fix it thereby letting whatever the problem is cost them more.

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Answering questions Decision Theory Models
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More Essay Examples on Decision making Rubric

Science and Pseudoscience ” on the articles page. Pick one topic from this paper and discuss it here. You do not need to agree with the author but be through in stating your case.

I’ve selected section 1.3 on the question regarding the ability of science to prove anything. In the author’s discussion, I found it very interesting that he pointed out how scientific theories and even laws merely prove things on a case to case basis. A law doesn’t actually prove something would be true all the time, only that there is sound logic and enough proof by example to mean that people to place a comfortable measure of trust on what the law or theory states. This makes science seem very utilitarian to me, something only meant for the use of humans in achieving a higher purpose.

See the document “Critical thinking why it counts”. Pick one topic from this paper and write.

I picked the definition of critical thinking as my topic. The introduction of the article presents a very “nice and simple” depiction regarding what critical thinking is supposed to be. In my opinion, the definition sums up to knowing exactly what you want to say and why you said it. Critical thinking is a matter of mental exploration of a particular issue in all possible angles.

Decision Theory Models

Answer the following:

a. Do you agree or disagree with the author, why or why not?

I agree. I believe that for management systems that routinely involves decision making, the outcome of one decision should not determine the quality of that decision.

b. An example of a good decision that you made that resulted in a bad outcome.

I decided to plan my day well so that I would be able to enjoy a movie that I had been looking forward to watching. I set my schedule up quite well and was ready for any eventuality that could delay me such as traffic, extra work, etc. So I was able to watch the movie after all, but it turned out to be a real let down and I went home unhappy.

c. Also, give an example of a bad decision that you made that had a good outcome.

On my way home from work, I decided to take s short nap on the bus. I missed my stop and had to walk 3 blocks. While I was walking, I chanced upon somebody’s wallet lying on the sidewalk. I was able to contact the owner of the wallet and return it to her. We’re now very good friends.



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