Answers to process questions Essay

Answers to process questions

This letter is being written to provide the customer with the required information - Answers to process questions Essay introduction.

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Answers to process questions
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      Moreover, this letter is used as a tool to build and strengthen relationship with the customer. This relationship is based on the faith the customer has on Barnes and

      Noble. This faith is a direct result of many years’ of prompt and accurate customer services, of which this letter is a part.

One needs to know more about the audience, because excellent services can be provided only if comprehensive information about the audience is known.

      Especially, it is very important to understand the need, choices and constraints of the customer.

Emphasis on benefit to the customer, by doing what is being suggested can be made by presenting a comparative and an authentic statement. The comparison gives the audience a clear picture of the choices available, and the cost of each choice. He is in a better position to make a judgment because of the comparative data before him. Verbal communication may not be required to make it authentic.

     A communication on the letterhead of ‘ President of United States’, is bound to be authentic. Similarly, emphasis on the benefit to the customer can be made by the use of a popular, trusted brand name or image. In this case, the letterhead of  ‘ Balmer and Noble’, makes the advise authentic.

                                                                                 Barnes and Noble College Book Store,

                                                                                 New York. USA .

                                                                                 28 December 2007


Mr. Robin Smith,

7th street, Palm Square,

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

Dear Mr. Smith,

Hope this letter finds you in the best of your spirits.

It is my pleasure to reply to your inquiry regarding delivery schedules for international orders, dated 02 December 2007.

Prompt and satisfactory customer service is the heart of our business. Keeping in line with this policy, we assure you that your goods will be dispatched on the very same day we receive your valued order. However, it is my duty to inform you that orders transported by ship can arrive up to 6 weeks longer than those transported by air, but the cost of air transport is approximately 70 percent more than transport by ship.

I hope I have answered all your queries.

Warm Regards,

John Simon,



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