Antagonist and Dexter

The TV show ‘Dexter’ is the story about an anti-hero named Dexter Morgan that works as a blood splatter expert for the Miami Police Department by day, but by night he kills bad guys who have escaped the legal system. It is not your typical TV drama because it shows unrealistic situations and events because of his personality and background. Dexter also verges on Dark Comedy. When all of these elements are combined, Dexter is my favorite TV show because it is so different from everything else on television. Dexter is not your typical TV drama. Where else would you find a serial iller who only kills other bad guys? He is barred from killing anybody who doesn’t meet his “Code of Harry”.

He was taught the code by his adopted cop father Harry, who recognized his son’s homicidal tendencies as a child and tried to channel his activities toward the pursuit of justice. For the first two seasons of the series, Harry appeared only in flashbacks to Dexter’s childhood, since he died 10 years prior to the start of the series. From season three onward, the flashbacks were replaced with Harry appearing to Dexter as a “ghost” who comments on, and gives advice having to do with all the roblems his son faces. This is considered to be Dexter’s second biggest secret. Dexter’s sister Deborah is also a cop, who has worked her way up the ranks during the show, and is currently Dexter’s boss. To add another element to the show, Dexter’s alternate lifestyle has now been revealed to her. What will this mean in the future? Will she or will she not turn him in? he get caught? Each of the seven seasons have an over arching plot. For season 1 it was, Who is the Ice Truck serial killer? In season 2 it was, Who is the Bay Harbor Butcher? These plots all are tied to Dexter in some form or another.

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For example, This just adds to the already present overtone of, Will Season 1 it is revealed that the Ice Truck killer is Dexter’s older brother, and he is just trying to say “Hello Bro”. An extended plot of a serial killer that drains the blood of all it’s victims before disposing of their bodies. This idea may disturb people, but it pleases and intrigues the obsessed Dexter. In Season 2, all of Dexter’s disposed of bodies are discovered and investigated. Again, will he get caught? And if he is, to the real world, he is this smart, easy-going guy who might be a little socially awkward, that presents imself as an “every man”. Who would believe he could do such a thing? Dexter is my favorite TV show because it is unrealistic and darkly humorous.

Dexter’s subdued approach to life and his calm attitude adds a dark comedy vibe to the show along with a sense of humor, often emanating from Dexter’s ever-present voice- over narration that allows viewers a glimpse inside his twisted mind. To add to this, his co-workers are always adding comedy to the show. As previously stated, he works with his sister, who, when first introduced, is an undercover prostitute. His sergeant is a oud and angry man who holds a grudge against Dexter for reasons unexplained, and his lieutenant is strangely attracted to him. It also doesn’t hold back on the murders. And while there is blood and gore, it is not avert-your-eyes-bloody and, each week, we are put through different cases for the cast to solve. Doing this makes Dexter both a procedural drama, and as stated previously, a dark comedy. Dexter’s main character is actually an anti-hero. At work he is an easy-going, diligent, blood splatter forensic analyst who is well liked by his co-workers and friends.

To the bad guys that he hunts, he is the definition of tenacious. Through seven seasons there is not one bad guy who has escaped his grip. And up until last season, there was only one character that knew what he is truly like. Now that season seven is complete, this list has expanded and includes his sister, his ex-girlfriend, who is also a serial killer, and lastly, a character that Dexter helped “Come to terms” with her past. One of the other elements of the show that makes it different is how Dexter sees the world. He doesn’t see it as black and white.

To him the world is a shade of gray. So many shows on television now portray the world as good/bad, black and white. You KNOW who the good guy is, you KNOW who the bad guy is. Is Dexter a bad guy? Is he a good guy? Does it depend on what he is doing and why he is doing it? This leads to my next point. Why does he do what he does? As previously mentioned, Dexter has an ever-present voice-over narration that lets viewers get a glimpse inside his twisted mind. This ties in with the constant conversations he has with Harry’s ghost. Trying to justify to himself what he is doing in real life.

Sometimes Harry tells Dexter that he isn’t going down the right path. Other times, he contradicts what Dexter is trying to do. You could conceivably call Harry Dexter’s spirit guide. The television show Dexter might not appeal to you because of the grayness of the content or how gruesome it can be. It might not appeal to you because of how far out there the concept is, or even the fact that the main character is a serial killer. And that is alright. But if you take a chance, and watch the first season with an open mind, you might just feel like I do. That Dexter is the best show on television.

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