Anti-Bias Curriculum Essay

Anti-Bias Curriculum

     The anti-bias curriculum is a method of teaching designed to cultivate a respectful acceptance of differences among students (Marulis 2000).  Based on the fact that each individual is unique but nevertheless belongs to the human race, this style of teaching requires educators to learn about diversity through reading and communication with other teachers, students as well as parents; plan out anti-bias activities to expand their students’ knowledge about individual differences; and implement these activities.  Students are expected not only to broaden their understanding of diversity through these activities but also gain confidence about their individual identities and in their interactions with persons from backgrounds dissimilar from theirs (Marulis; Hohensee & Derman-Sparks).

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Anti-Bias Curriculum
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Hohensee, JB, & Derman-Sparks, L, ‘Implementing an Anti-Bias Curriculum in Early Childhood

Classrooms’ article in ERIC Educational Reports; available at

Marulis, L 2000, ‘Anti-Bias Teaching to Address Cultural Diversity’ article in Multicultural

Education; available at;col1.

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