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War in Iraq: Victory or another Vietnam

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  • Pages 3
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    The Iraq war is a lot like Vietnam as I have read in many articles; promises of an easy victory and short occupation, and then a reversal, but it wasn’t just the length of time the US spent in Vietnam that turned public opinion, nor was it the mass peace protests. It was a growing realizations (fed up by events like the publication of the Pentagon Papers) that people were being fed lies, and the truth was systematically covered up. The public began to wonder if the war had anything to do with plans to create a democratic state in Vietnam and Iraq is a lot like Vietnam. And it is the realization of the truth, by the general public that the majority of our voting citizens’ support this President Bush once enjoyed for what has proven to be a huge and costly series of blunders, miscalculations, and mistakes. Once again, the lies and the realization that the “liberation” of the Iraqi people is not the primary agenda behind the occupation, and preventing terrorism isn’t cutting it as an excuse either. Iraq is a training camp and recruitment center for terrorists. We need to leave Iraq alone and send our soldiers home. American political leaders insisted we would wipe out those Iraqi terrorists and criminals in no time, but it didn’t happen. Just like in Vietnam. The U.S. media insisted that nearly all Iraqis welcomed U.S. occupation and that Iraqis would love Americans for giving them democracy and freedom. But Iraqi insurgents are killing Americans, and U.S.-trained Iraqi troops refuse to die for the U.S. occupation of their country. According the CNN latest public opinion polls show that Americans are growing frustrated with the war and wary of the Bush Administration’s handling of the war; over 60 percent are disturbed with the way the war is going. We need to send our soldiers home. 1)Was Suddam Hussein as big a threat to the world as President Bush argued?Saddam Hussein was a dictator of Iraq. Saddam killed members of the opposition to unify Iraq under his rule. And, as sickening as that sounds, it is a valid point. All references to history are now null and void. Saddam did what he did to for his own purpose. Yes, he did have a lot of power, because he killed many people that stood in his way. Yes, I do believe that dictatorship is wrong and very controlling, but that is not the United States concern. I do not believe that he would try to conquer other countries with his dictatorship. He was just trying to control his oil. He was merely trying to protect his country from terrorist. Why did we even attack Iraq? We were supposed to be attack Afghanistan, because of the terrorist attack on the twin towers, but instead we ended up attacking Iraq without the United Nations consent. President Bush recently said in his inauguration speech that all countries some have a democracy and he would do whatever it takes for those countries to become democracies. This is not for President Bush to decide, he needs to take care of the U.S. before handling problems elsewhere. I truly believe that Iran is a bigger threat to us than Iraq. Some believe the only reason why we are attacking Iraq is the oil. I truly believe that President Bush certainly wants to control their oil production, because his families’ business is in oil production. I truly believe that President Bush is a bigger threat, than Hussein, because of his bad leadership skills. He did not think about his actions before acting upon them. People are losing their lives each day, because of the unnecessary war. I truly believe that the administration has lied to us about information relating to Iraq, Hussein, and Bin Laden. We need to watch out, because other countries are build nuclear weapons and could possibly attack us in the future. I truly believe that we need to the Iraq alone.

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