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What is Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria

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A better understanding of the use of antibiotics would help prevent the reality of antibiotic resistant bacteria evolving to the point of human extinction. Antibiotic resistance is a natural process, stronger bacteria survive and multiply. Even though antibiotic resistance is a natural process, it happens faster when antibiotics are used irresponsibly. Through use of media, personal responsibility and research, our species could help deter further antibiotic resistance by being educated.

I will summarize the findings I have encountered researching the fascinating, thought-provoking evolution of antibiotic resistant bacteria and the effects it has on our entire biological community.

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What is Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria
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Understanding the difference between viral and bacterial infections is a priority that needs attention-grabbing awareness on preventing the spread of resistant bacteria. Most colds, sore throats and ear or sinus infections are viral infections.

Bacterial infections include strep throat, urinary tract infections and some wound and skin infections. Knowing what causes an illness is important because antibiotics do not kill viruses, and should not be prescribed or taken to treat viruses.

If antibiotics are used for things they can’t treat they become less effective against the bacteria they’re intended to treat. Bacterial resistance is a result of natural selection, meaning bacterial cells with advantageous traits are more likely to survive than those without the superior traits.

Another contributing factor towards the evolution of antibiotic resistant strains is their ability to reproduce much faster than humans. Applying this knowledge to resistant bacteria leads me to believe without proper precautions, the ever evolving resistant bacterial strains are a potential for a global health pandemic, possibly extinction of our species. In conclusion, preventative measures and serious public recognition are vital to the effectiveness of antibiotics.

Through media, research and education, the promotion of using antibiotics wisely will be highly beneficial to our species. Becoming involved in public awareness groups is another way to contribute to a more responsible approach in ending this global health problem. With a clearer understanding of our own actions, we can greatly reduce the odds of being wiped off the face of the earth by antibiotic resistant bacteria.

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