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Antigone Work Quotes

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Guard “We saw this girl giving that dead man’s corpse full burial rites-an act you’d made illegal. ” (12) Creon “Don’t speak of here being here. Her life is over. ” (18) Creon “No, not me. Hades is the one who will stop the marriage” (18) Creon “Well enjoy your sophisticated views. But if you don’t reveal to me who did this, you’ll just confirm how much your treasonous gains have made you suffer. ” (10) Antigone “Don’t try to share my death or make a claim to actions which you did not do.

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Antigone Work Quotes
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I’ll die –and that will be enough. ” (16) Chorus Leader “So she must die-that seems decided on. ” Creon “No more delay. You slaves, take them inside. From this point on they must act like a women and have no liberty to wander off. ” Guard ” She was burying that man. Now you know all there is to know. ” (12) Ismene ” You’re going to bury Polyneices when that’s been made a crime for all of Thebes.

” (2) Chours Leader “No one is such a fool that he loves death. ” (7) Creon For if great Zeus still has my respect, then understand this I swear to you on oath unless you find the one whose hands really buried him, unless you bring him here before my eyes, then death for you will never be enough. No, not before you’re hung up still alive and you confess to the gross, violent act. ” (9) Creon “How I despise a person caught committing evil acts who then desires to glorify the crime. ” (14) Creon “We must obey whatever man the city puts in charge, no matter what the issue-great or small, just or unjust. ”(20) Creon Go bring her out- that hateful creature, so she can die right here, with him present, before her bridegroom’s eyes. ” (24) Chorus “You pushed your daring to the limit, my child, and tripped against Justice high altar- perhaps your agonies are paying back some compensation” (26) Chorus Leader “This evil comes not from some stranger, but from his own mistakes. ”(36) Antigone committed the crime of burying her brother Polyneices. According to her traditions it wasn’t a crime. But according to her uncle, Theban King Creon, the deed was forbidden and punishable by death.

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