AP Geography: Finals

The first person to write the word geography
They are concerned with where things occur and why they occur where they do.
What elements of study do human and physical geography have in common?
the relationship between the length of an object on a map and that feature on the landscape.
Scale is
a ratio or fraction
1:24,000 is an example of what kind of scale?
The art and science of making maps is
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AP Geography: Finals
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Every meridian is the same length and has the same beginning and end.
Which statement is more accurate?
Which of the following types of maps would have the largest scale?
near both the equator and the prime meridian.
You see the coordinates 5 E longitude, 10 N latitude. You do not need to look at a map in order to deduce that this location is
just west of the International Date Line and just south of the equator
If we did not have a map handy, we would deduce that the coordinates 171 E longitude, 12 S latitude are likely
Geographic Information System (GIS)
A computer system that stores, organizes, retrieves, analyzes, and displays geographic data is
Global Positioning Systems reference what location?
The name of a location on Earth’s surface is a
New York City’s what is approximately 100 miles northeast of Philadelphia and 100 miles southwest of Boston
Spatial association
The concept that the distribution of one phenomenon is related to the location of other phenomena is
The same state laws apply everywhere in the region
The State of Texas is best considered a formal region because
care about and nurture something
Culture means to
Climate, low educational attainment, cotton production, and the prevalence of Baptist churches
The South is established as a vernacular region of the United States by
An area distinguished by one or more unique characteristics is a
location relative to other objects or places
Situation identifies a place by its
unique physical characteristics
Site identifies a place by its
0 degrees longitude
Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) is measure from
180 degrees longitude
The International Date Line is measured approximately from
mathematical location
You are given the coordinates 128 E longitude, 45 N latitude. This is an example of a
A mathematical process for transferring locations from a globe to a flat map is a
A landscape where human activity has modified the natural environment in some way
Which of the following best described the idea of a cultural landscape?
To geographers, the spred of McDonald’s around the world represents
economic and cultural globalization
established a gridlike pattern for much of present-day land use in the United States
The township and range system
The arrangement of a phenomenon across Earth’s surface is
The frequency of something within a given init of area is
A region from which a phenomenon originates
The historic diffusion of HIV/AIDS in the United States is an example of which type of diffusion?
The concept that the physical environment sets broad limits on human actions, but that people have the ability to adjust to a wide variety of physical environment is
the physical environment causes different types of social and cultural development
According to environmental determinism
Cultural Ecology
The study of how humans and the environment interact is called
its effects are an intersection of human and physical geography
Hurricane Katrina’s landfall on the United States is an interesting geographic case study because
Contagious and hierarchical
Which of the following are forms of expansion diffusion?
A what is the spread of something over a given study area?
A two-dimensional, or flat, representation of Earth’s surface or a portion of it.
The science of making maps.
International Migration
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