AP Gov Chapter 16 Practice Quiz

The function of the U.S. solicitor general is to
approve every case the federal government presents to the Supreme Court.
As a result of two clear blocs of liberal and conservative justices, __________ often casts a “swing vote” on the Supreme Court.
justice kennedy
In National Federation of Independent Business v. Sebelius (2012), the Supreme ruled that states do not have to expand their Medicaid coverage because
the provision violates the Constitution by impermissibly threatening states with a loss of existing federal funding for a program.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg votes with a majority of Supreme Court justices on a particular case, even though her reasoning differs from the others. She may choose to express her reasons in a(n)
concurring opinion
The Supreme Court entered its most active period with the arrival of Chief Justice __________.
Which recent Supreme Court nominee became the object of a notable Senate rejection?
robert bork
The Supreme Court’s primary weapon in the government’s system of checks and balances is known as
judicial review
Studies have shown the ideology of judges
none of these is true
The Court of Military Appeals is an example of a __________.
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AP Gov Chapter 16 Practice Quiz
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legislative court
The “Exceptions” clause in Article III, Section III has been interpreted by the Court to mean that
congress can change the courts appellate jurisdiction
Franklin Roosevelt’s court-packing plan would have allowed him to name a new justice
for every incumbent justice over the age of 70
Democratic judges are more likely to make __________ decisions than Republican judges.
When judges believe that they must confirm themselves to applying rules stated in or clearly implied by the language of the Constitution, they are following the __________ approach.
judicial restraint
There are thirteen __________ in the federal judiciary.
courts of appeal
Federal courts can hear all cases
arising under the constitution, the laws of the United States, and treaties.
In Federalist paper No. 78, Alexander Hamilton described the Supreme Court as
the least dangerous branch
In most cases presented to the Supreme Court, the bulk of the argumentation presented by either side will be found in the __________.
In the Supreme Court’s ruling on President Obama’s health care plan, National Federation of Independent Business v. Sebelius (2012), the Court
upheld the individual mandate and struck down the mandate that state governments expand Medicaid by 2014.
When Congress passed a law that forbade anyone from carrying a gun near a school, the Supreme Court declared the law invalid because such behavior
did not affect inerstate commerce
__________ is a legal concept that refers to who is entitled to bring a case.
What does the U.S. Constitution have to say about the size of the Supreme Court?
it does not indicate how large the court should be
In response to a Supreme Court decision governing citizens suing a state in federal courts, the __________ was added to the Constitution.
tenth amendment
The Court of International Trade is a specialized
constitutional court
The first chief justice of the Supreme was __________.
john marshall
A chief justice is able to exercise his/her influence most effectively by
guiding the debate
Senatorial courtesy is an especially important consideration in nominations to
district courts
Federal Courts do not issue _________ opinions.
After 1936, the Supreme Court stopped
imposing any serious restrictions on state or federal power to regulate the economy, leaving such matters in the hands of legislatures.
If California and Arizona sue each other over water usage from the Colorado River, the case can be heard only
by the supreme court
The behavior of Justices Holmes, Burger, and Blackmun suggests that
presidents can sometimes be mistaken in their prediction about the actions of their judicial appointees.
In recent years, the percentage of nominees to federal court who have been confirmed by the Senate
has decreased significantly
Fee shifting is the practice of
getting the loser to pay court costs
“Stare decisis” is usually translated as
let the decision stand
Among the current members of the U.S. Supreme Court there is (are) __________ woman (women).
The dual court system of the United States refers to __________ and __________ courts.
federal; state
Between 1789 and the Civil War, the Supreme Court was primarily occupied with the issues of
slavery and national supremacy
There are 94 __________ in the federal judiciary.
district courts
The authors suggest the chief motive for using the litmus test involves a judicial nominee’s views on
One basic difference between a constitutional court and a legislative court is that
constitutional court judges cannot be fired
In recent years, the percentage of nominees to federal court who have been confirmed by the Senate
has decreased significantly
The most common background or professional experience among members of the current Supreme Court is experience as a(n) __________.
federal judge
One unintended consequence of the Supreme Court’s heavy caseload is an increase in the influence wielded by
law clerks
In McCulloch v. Maryland, the Supreme Court held that
the federal government could pass any laws necessary and proper to the attainment of constitutional ends.
The litigation involving four police officers accused of beating Rodney King illustrates the fact that
some defendants are tried in both state and federal courts
The Supreme Court will grant cert and hear a case if __________ justices agree to do so.
In addition to funding appeals, interest groups will also
organize and bring cases to the court
The principle that the Supreme Court used in overturning Fulton’s monopoly on a New York steamboat operation was that
state law cannot prevail over federal law
In 1974, the Supreme Court held that it would no longer hear class-action suits seeking monetarydamages
unless the case is either defined by Congress or if every member of the class was individually notified of the case.
From the Civil War to the 1930s, the Supreme Court was primarily occupied with
economic regulation by government
“Amicus curiae” is usually translated as
friend of the court
On the issue of state sovereignty, the text states that since around 1992, the Supreme Court has
begun to restore the view that states have the right to resist some forms of federal action.
hich is correct about the Senate confirming federal judges?
until recently, most judges were confirmed
In __________ the Supreme Court for the first time, in a decision authored by Chief Justice John Marshall, held that the Court could declare an act of Congress unconstitutional.
marbury v madison
In __________, the Supreme Court ruled that the Court can review the decisions of the highest state courts if they involve a federal law or the federal Constitution.
martin v. hunters lessee
The current chief justice of the Supreme Court is __________.
john g. roberts jr
There have only been _________ chief justices of the United States Supreme Court.
Brown v. Board of Education is an example of a
class-action suit
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