AP Physics Atwood Machine Lab Essay

The two objects of equal masses are suspended over a light pulley, the objects will move only until they are both at equal distances from the ground. Then they will not move at all. 2. Net force, mass of an object, and acceleration. 3. (A) Acceleration would increase. The mass of one side is greater than the mass of the other, meaning the heaver side has a greater weight force (MGM) acting upon it equating to a greater acceleration. B) the acceleration will remain the same because ratio of masses are equal.

4. (A) If the total mass is constant, and mass is moved from one side to the other, the acceleration would stay the same. (B) If the mass were to gradually increase on both sides, the acceleration would slow down. 5. Two masses have the same acceleration because the forces are the same. Analysis 2. There is a direct relationship between difference in mass and acceleration.

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AP Physics Atwood Machine Lab
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As the difference increased the acceleration increased. 4. As our total mass increased, the acceleration decreased.

The relationship was inverse. If there is more mass, acceleration will be slower. It would take more force to make it accelerate at the same rate as if there was less total mass. The result of changing only the total mass and not the force making it accelerate or other variables gives you the inverse relationship between total mass and acceleration. 5. 6.

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