AP Psych Chapter 1 Test

is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes
According to your text, all of the following are considered goals of psychology EXCEPT
proving behavior and mental processes
Which of the following earky schools of thought studied the basic elements of concious mental experience?
Who is considered the “father” of psychology?
Wilhelm Wundt
Research intended to help those greiving a loss of a parent is called _____; research intended to find exactly where in the brain greiving is processed is called ____.
Applied research; basic research

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As a psychologist, you are most interested in how to help individuals increase their quality of life. Based on this information, which type of research should you be involved in?
Applied research
____ set up the first formal school of psychological lab in Lepzig, Germany and used ____ as the primary research method.
Wundt; introspection
Which of the following are advantages to the use of naturalistic observation as a research method?
We can study behavior in naturally occuring enviorments
In which of the following examples would a case study be most appropriate?
Studying a rare genetic disorder that affects one’s psychological functioning
Which research method is used to set up a cause-effect relationship between two or more variables?
Experimental method
The variable that the experimenter changes, or manipulates, in a experimental method is referred to as the ____.
Independent variable
Imagine you are seeing a therapist for the first time for depression. When meeting with him/her, you are asked, “What do your thoughts seem to revolve around when you feel sad?” What school of thought does this question reflect?
Cognitive psychology
The variable that is measured in the end of an experimental method is referred to as the ____.
Dependent variable
Dr. Marco explains to a client that his feelings of hostility toward a coworker are most likely caused by the way the client interptets the coworker’s actions and the way he thinks that people should behave at work. Dr. Marco is most likely working from what perspective?
Sandy scored a perfect 100 on a test that everyone else fails. If we were to graph this distribution, it would be
Positively skewed
Tom hypothesizes that a new drug he has just invented will enhance mice’s memories. He feeds the drug to the experimental grouo and gives the control group a placebo. He then times the micd as they learn to run through a maze. In order to know whether his hypothesis has been supported, Tom would need to use
Inferential Statistics
In which of the following would a psychologist from the cognitive school of thought be interested?
Memory processing, perception, thinking, and descision making
Which school of thought uses a computer as a metaphor in one of its theories?
Cognitive psychology
Edward Tichener was an advocate of ____ while William James was an advocate of ____.
Structuralism; functionalism
Which of the following is TRUE reguarding behaviorism?
John Watson founded this school of thought, it rests on the idea that behavior is learned, it rests on the idea that enviorment shapes our behavior, and it statesnonly observable and measurable behaviors should be studied.
Dr. Jacob is seeing eight-year old Robert for their first therapy session. Based on the interview, Dr. Ja ob is convinced that Robert’s aggresive behavior is primarily due to the fact that (1) he has witnessed his father’s domestic violence towards his mother for the past 2 years and (2) no one in his household has reprimanded him for being aggressive at home. Based on this information, Dr. Jacob most likeky practices from which school of thought?
Heather decides to seek out a therapist to help her work through feelings of anxiety. Her therapist allows her to direct therapy seszions and discuss what she feels is relevant. Her therapist, who views Heather as a good person, also suggests she attend group therapy to teach her how to make better choices for herself. Based on this information, to which school of thought does Heathers therapist most likely adhere?
Humanistic theory
___ was an advocate for the idea of the unconcious.
Sigmund Freud
The first formal school of thought in psychology, aimed at analyzing the basic elements, or structure, of concious mental experience.
The scientofic stufy of behavior
The unconcious
The computer as a model for human cognition
Information processing theory
The uniqueness of human beings and their capacity for growth
The study of mental processes
Why might a behaviorist disagree with a cognitive psychologist about the cause of agression?
A behaviorist might state that agression is caused by past rewards for aggressive behavior, while a cognitive psychologist might believe aggression is caused by memories or ways we think about aggressive behavior.
What is the median of the following distribution: 629473
Theoretically, random assignment should eliminate
Many confounding variables
Which of the following is an example of random sampling?
I. Picking out of a hat to assign each of 3 classes to an experimental condition
II. Having a computer generate a random list of 100 high school students
III. Approaching any 50 students during 6th period lunch.
II only
What 2 peices of information can wr get from looking at the correlation coefficient?
The direction and strength of the relationship between the 2 variables
When 2 variables move in the same direction, the correlation coefficient will be ___; when 2 variables mkve in the opposite direction, the correlation coefficient will be ___.
Positive; negative
Which of the following would most likely have a positive correlation?
Overeating and weight
Which of the following would most likely have a negative correlation?
Use of sunscreen and sunburn
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