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Cigarette Smoking Over the years, researchers have been trying to connect smoking to lung cancer - Ap Stats Smoking Essay introduction. They have finally come to this conclusion and are now trying to link smoking to other coronary heart diseases. Research has been done in many countries, and the results have shown that there was a moderate relationship to cigarette consumption and heart diseases. Through a regression, it has been proven that there is a link to the two factors. The U. S is also trying to cut their consumption in half.

There is an association between the amount of cigarettes smoked and deaths from CHD. The association has a positive direction. This means as the amount of cigarettes smoked increases, so does the deaths from CHD. The association also has a linear from which means the two variables are related. It is also moderately strong. A linear regression is done next. Three conditions are checked to make sure the data is appropriate to be used. The variables are both quantitative.

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The scatter plot, Graph A, shows that the graph could be straight enough, and there may be an outlier but to continue with caution. Graph B, shows the line of best fit, and shows that the residuals are about equal on both sides. The model has a correlation of . 731, which describes that it’s moderately strong. The line has an “r” squared of 53. 4%. This means that the change in cigarette consumption accounts for 53. 4% of the CHD deaths per 100,000The slope of line is . 06.

In context this means that, according to our model, as the cigarette consumption per adult per year increases by 1, the CHD death per 100,000 is expected to increase about . 06. The y-intercept of the line is 15. 64. This means in context that, according to our model when the deaths from CHD are at 0, the cigarette consumption is at 15. 64. This means that is someone were to smoke about 16 cigarettes, the death rate would be a 0, which would be a good thing. The benefits of the U.

S of reaching the “national goal” of cutting cigarette consumption in half is that the amount of deaths would decrease. The U. S compared to all the other countries has the highest cigarettes smoked and the most deaths from CHD. Overall, the relationship between smoking and CHD deaths are closely related. The association is moderately strong. Statisticians could look further into this because there is enough data showing the two variables being related and could help countries cut back on their death rates. If the U. S reached their goal it would be extremely beneficial.

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