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Apple and Android Hand Held Devices Comparison

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  • Pages 3
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    There are people that use Apple hand held devices and there are also people that use Android hand held devices. However these users can be and most likely are die hard fans of one group or of the other group. The people that love using android devices say Apple products are inferior to their own. However some Apple users say their products are superior compared to the Android competition. With everyone having their own opinion, and everyone saying that everyone else’s opinion is wrong; the only way to tell is to make an opinion of your own.

    The Apple Company first created the hand held ‘I’ series in 2001, starting with the ‘iPod original’ mp3 player and expanding to include the iTouch, the iPhone, and, most recently, the iPad. The iPod series’ had built a reputation for having many models with a variety of size, shape, color, and operating systems. Some examples of these models include the iPod Nano, Shuffle, and Mini. Meanwhile Apple has kept the iPhone series to a basic size and only has a slight variation in shape and color between models.

    However, the iPhone series did have quite a few similarities to the iPod touch series. The similarities included touch screens, Wi-Fi capabilities and also used the same iTunes program and App Store. Apple has announced; as of September 12, 2012; that they are introducing a new addition to their iPhone series; the iPhone 5. In contrast, Androids are designed for more business-centered communication, whereas Apple promotes a more media-centered communication.

    An example of this is that one of the main features of the iPhone series is their music and gaming capabilities; Androids do also have these features, however, do not highlight them as much. The Android Company was first created in 2003, but was relatively an unknown company until Google bought the company in August of 2005. It is thought that Google was, at the time, planning to enter into the realm of the ‘hand held mobile device’ wars with their new weapon, ‘The Android OS’ or (Operating System).

    By 2008, the ‘Android’ name was widespread among cell-phone users. With the launch of T-Mobile’s ‘G1’ smart phone in Sep. 2008; the Android era had officially begun. However, the Android 1. 0 OS was missing many of the features that are common today. For instance, an on-screen keyboard, a payment system apps and a multi-touch compatible screen were all absent from the initial smart phone. Android’s first OS had many excellent features including a pull-down notification window, home screen widgets or gadgets, and The Android Market.

    Then Android started a tradition that has been upheld since its inception. They codenamed their OS updates with different desserts. The first update to receive this was v. 1. 5 ‘Cupcake’ in April, and then v. 1. 6 ‘Donut’ in September and v. 2. 0 ‘Eclair’ in October; all three were released in 2009. In 2010, two more updates were released; v. 2. 2 ‘Froyo’ in May and v. 2. 3 ‘Gingerbread’ in December. V. 3. x ‘Honeycomb’ and v. 4. x ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’ were released in February and October 2011 respectively.

    There are two versions: v. 5. x ‘Jelly Bean’ and v. 6. x ‘Kahlua Cake’ that have not been released yet. Apple is like a VIP club where only certain people are allowed in; due to the fact that Apple’s iOS systems only work with Apple products. However, the Android Company can be thought to be like a park where anyone is allowed in, because their OS systems work with a variety of different phones. So there are Android products and there are Apple products. Which one is the best? That is for everyone else to decide.

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