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Apple INC Is a Company Known Worldwide

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    Apple Inc is a company known worldwide for its extensive options in technology, constantly growing stock, workforce, and reputation. Apple’s head office is located at one Apple Parkway Cupertino, California. They fall under many North American Industry Classification System codes. These codes are 423620 Household Appliances, Electric Housewares, and Consumer Electronics Merchant Wholesalers, 532210 Consumer Electronics and Appliances Rental, 811211 Consumer Electronics Repair and Maintenance, and 443142 Electronics Stores (“Apple Inc.; Hoover’s”). Apple is classified primarily as household technologies because their major products are cell phones, laptops, iPads, and watches. Due to these devices being prominent and frequently used around the world, Apple faces many competitors such as: Samsung, Best Buy, Oracle, and Amazon (“Apple Inc.; Hoover’s”). While there are many more competitors, Apple must keep up with production and continue to expand. Apple has expanded outside of the United States to many countries including: Australia, Canada, Brazil, Japan, and many more (“Find Apple Retail”). Stores and facilities in other countries function just like US stores, they create and distribute product to consumers in their region. Apple is constantly expanding and reaching new goals because company leaders and workers are able to set goals and reach them.

    Arthur D. (Art) Levinson is chairman of the board and earns a salary of $556,362 US dollars. He sits in on discussions and helps to make important financial decisions. Jonathan Ive who is the Chief Executive Officer makes $130,000,000 yearly, both men contribute to the growth of Apple as a company (“Apple Inc.; Hoover’s”). This huge company was founded in 1976, and has grown immensely since. Steve Jobs, a college dropout, founded Apple starting in his garage in Santa Clara Valley, California. Since Steve Jobs started it, the company has changed drastically. His first sale was a monitor with no keyboard or casing. By 1977 a keyboard, colored monitor, and device slots were added. Sales jumped $109.2 million from 1978-1980 because Apple went public Today Apple is a multibillion dollar industry with hundreds of stores and products (“Apple Inc.”). Apple stock reached its highest point at one hundred and ninety dollars hitting a market cap of $993 billion. A stupendous jump from twenty two dollars which is what their first stock started at (“Apple’s Stock”). Apple currently has 5,126,200,000 outstanding stocks, and their stocks raised $42.76 between December of 2015 to December 2017 (“Apple Inc.; Hoover’s”).

    Large companies have many strengths and many threats. A strength gives the opportunity for growth in some way whether it be financially, spiritually, or physically. One huge strength is the software that Apple has. With softwares like iTunes, the app store, iBook’s, and Apple Music Apple supports users in purchasing products which causes customers to become dependent on these softwares. As long as people want a product, then there will always be funding to continue to grow and improve. Although their strengths are large, their threats are present as well. Their premium pricing is a threat because other companies use it to their advantage. Apple products are more expensive than android products meaning they will constantly be competing to sell their product in emerging markets. Certain markets appeal more to a less expensive product which Apple does not have meaning it is a threat (“Find Apple Retail”). This is a threat because it is coming from an outside source, and is not created internally.

    I selected Apple Inc. because it is the most familiar company to me when I think of stocks. I could see myself working for Apple someday, but I am not very technologically inclined. Apple offers many jobs from computer work to retail work. They also offer internships to students that are not just learning, but sharing knowledge and contributing to innovation (“Gain More than Experience”). I would most likely work a retail job because I am good with people, and I enjoy selling. Apple values the environment. Every facility they have is powered by clean energy. They do this to reduce their carbon footprint. Apple also reuses resources from old products to reduce the amount of earth’s resources being taken away (“Environment”). I would work for Apple because I believe that going green is extremely important, and I agree that we need to stop using so many of earth’s resources. Working for Apple would be a beneficial opportunity to learn more about technology, and to interact with people.

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