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Apple vs Android

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Apple and Android’s odder day success may be compared and contrasted as to their technology, creativity, and costs. Steve Jobs, one of the pioneers and innovators of the Apple dynasty, once said, “l used to say that Apple should be the Sony of this business, but in reality, I think Apple should be the Apple of this business. ” The late innovator changed the views of technology forever. Apple became one of the first brands to create and maintain their own software within their cell phones.

Apple phones, referred to as phones, carry software built to last and produce great quality results.

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Apple vs Android
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Android devices, some Samsung and others ETC, are not known to provide the strongest software and phones, but they get the Job done. In terms of longevity, Apple wins the battle by a long shot by hosting phones that have life spans that range from one to five years with a minimal amount of issues, while Androids have been known for more problems in a shorter period of time.

In terms of creativity a consumer might Just choose the latter, as Androids are noted for being quite nifty with their designs. Androids are popular for the designs and creative freedom they grant consumers.

The ability to organize your home screen to fit your own personal deeds invites a number of consumers to invest in Android smartness. Apple’s “one software fits all” mentality is convenient for the average businessman or entrepreneur. On the other hand, the free spirited artist or freelance photographer would greatly benefit from the laid back approach of Android’s layout. Apple customers love having one device that is universal for everyone; no one phone looks better than the other, and that is Just that.

In terms of their competitor, cell phone buyers have dozens of handsets they can choose from. From large screen displays to small pocket sized devices, Android purchasers can choose what fits them best retentively, both in the hardware and software realm; every choice is in their hands. Apple customers experience a slight inconvenience when it comes to being “different. ” Everyone is left with the same phone layout, and ultimately only have one of a few price options at the cash register. 200 dollars seems to be a great deal of money to the average person, especially when it comes to buying a cell phone. That is the average price a consumer pays when they entrust their cell phone needs into an Apple product. Apple offers a limited number of storage capacities for their phones; the greater the storage amount, the greater the price. While Apple tries to supply an economically efficient priced phone for more fragile customers, everyone pays anywhere from $100 dollars to $500 depending on their preferences.

Thanks to Android’s lack of exclusiveness they are able to provide all of their customers with the same software and capabilities through a series of phones ranging from $0 dollars to $250 dollars. Price weighs heavily in purchasers’ choices in today’s faulty economy. According to Sprint Next Inc. , surveys have shown that more cell phone users would invest in Apple products if they were simply cheaper. The evolution of technology ND its continuously progressively track of both Apple and Android smartness will never be summarized in a few words.

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