Application essay for Master degree in Physician assistant program

Personal statement

Due to the circumstances of my growing up, from the early childhood I’ve been feeling an urge to be in a medical field. I was born in a rural area of Burma, an impoverished country ruled by military junta. The regime that has existed there for the past decades turned out to have the disastrous impact on the health of the nation. The leaders of the country haven’t been interested in developing medicine in the country, thus thousands of people died every year from illnesses that could be easily cured if the hospitals had enough medicine, equipment and medical personnel. It is since then that I have this overwhelming desire to be the part of the medical community to promote health issues in underdeveloped areas.

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            I’ve always considered my father to be one of the most important people in my life. It was him who took my brother and me to the United States for us to get decent education, and level of life, and it was him who inspired me to continue my education. It is thanks to him that I was the best student in class, as he always supported my ambitions and helped me with everything he could.

            It was gravely to me, when I got to know that my father had lung cancer. I took a semester of my school to sit with him, to make it little easier for him. After my beloved father died, I felt that medicine is the only career path that attracts me. During the semester I was off the school, I worked in the Oncology and Hematology clinic. There I had an opportunity to work with cancer patients. I consulted them, and tried to better understand their feeling, fears, and needs. This job helped me to define my career perspectives, as there I felt I wanted to work directly with patients.

Nowadays I’m working in transfusion medicine, as a medical technologist. I’m filing, copying and filling insurance paper, and I’m consulting patients in case they have questions concerning their right and the duties of the insurance company. I am always very careful performing my professional duties, as I’m aware about the importance of the insurance paperwork for the patients’ treatment and future life. I‘ve excelled at my current position, and I plan to advance my professional career.

            As I’ve already noted, I understood at some stage of my professional practice that I wanted to work directly with the patients. I recognize the importance of the diagnostic work I’m performing nowadays, but I feel I would be able to better help people when I’m in direct contact with them. That is actually why I applied for the Physician Assistant program.

            For me the PA program is a chance to advance my professional attainments so that I will be qualified enough to work in a therapeutic or surgical ward. Helping people get better, or relieving their sufferings are my professional goals as a medical worker, and I feel that after this program I will be better qualified for performing those functions.

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