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Application for scholarship.

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Subject : Application for scholarship.

Dear Gentleman,

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Application for scholarship.
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Hope this letter of mine finds you in the best of your health and spirits.

This is in response to your advertisement for scholarships being awarded by your trust to deserving candidates.

I am 40, currently serving the US postal service. I will be quitting this very soon, to join the Dental Hygiene program at the Wake Technical college. My family consists of wife and two daughters.

I am a middle class citizen of USA. I believe in educating myself continuously and experiencing various professions.

I have served the US air-force for seven years prior to joining the postal services. Now I want to enter a profession which is so far dominated by the females. I pursue my goals vigorously . While performing my duties at home and at the postal department, I took prerequisite classes and scored A, to get admission into the Dental Hygiene school. This was a rare achievement, I believe.

Sir, I have to attend a full time course for two years.

During this period, I do not wish to punch a big hole into whatever little savings I have accumulated so far. Moreover, I have the responsibility to manage my family and pay for the academic expenses. My regular income will stop and my expenses will increase. Under the given circumstances, I think I fully deserve the scholarships offered by you.

On completing my studies, it is my noble aim to join the mission trip of dental experts visiting Ecuador, every year. I want to use my knowledge for the lesser privileged  people over there also.

I assure you that I will never betray the trust you put in me, while granting this scholarship to me.

Warm regards,

( Richard  Simon )

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Application for scholarship.. (2016, Jul 06). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/application-for-scholarship/

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