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View websites that discuss using RFID tags in stores and the privacy issues that arise from their use - Applied Information Technology Essay introduction. Write a report summarizing your findings and include table of links to Web site that provide additional details. I have viewed a few websites about Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags. It is a very tiny technology and often the size of a grain of rice but now have been shrunk to half the size of a grain of sand! RFID tags are intelligent bar codes that can store up information of either merchandises, pets or farm animals and many more depending on what people want to chip the RFID tags into.

These RFID tags also act as a very powerful tracking device, which farmers and owners of pets chipped them into their herbivores and pets. Because of the capability to determine the distance of the tag from the reader position, lost pets and farm animals, as well as RFID tagged items can be easily tracked down. However, the use of RFID tags are arising privacy concerns among the human community. For example, Wal-Mart, the largest retailer has declared it would place item-level RFID tracking tags in the clothing sold in its store. Imagine people wearing those clothes with tracking tags in them, going to places.

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Not only the retailer can determine the location of the individuals, hackers or crime doers can too. Although, it increases marketing success rate of a retailer, it also increases crime rate, putting individuals in danger. Imagine, future burglars could canvass alleys with RFID detectors, looking for RFID tags on discarded packaging that indicates expensive electronic gear is nearby. Recent argument raised by the community is chipping RFID tags into human. People, the majority strongly are against it because human should have their own privacy, and not being observed at all times and at everywhere.

Chipping RFID tags into human could also mean that safety of the community is no longer there as crime doers can easily track specific people down, track their houses or cars or shops down and proceed to their crime. Either placing RFID tags in merchandises or chipping them in to humans, both ways bring uncomfortable feelings, sense of not being protected to people. People can easily feel paranoid, worried and under stress as anytime and at anywhere, you can be being observed, being tracked down by anyone. Individuals should have their privacies of their own, and their information, location and etc being protected.

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