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I am a good student not just because I studied well but also because I actively involved myself in a variety of activities - Apply Scholarship introduction. In these activities, I am not only honed my leadership and communication skills but also acquired a pioneering spirit and the ability to do teamwork. For much of my undergraduate studies, I served as a member of the Chinese Students Scholar Association which is CSSA. In fall 2011, I was the guider of a campus tour.

Under my leadership, all the prospective students and their parents had a clear map how SLU runs and what it can contribute to students’ lives through culture and professions. Later on, I advised the freshmen on the choice of courses and adaptation to the university life. Interested in the cultural and recreational activities, I helped to organize mid-moon dinner party which is held successfully as the musical controller. Through this dinner party, Chinese culture could be completely displayed to whoever is curious and want to participate in. It enhances the interaction of American culture and Asian culture.

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I always believe that the team spirit, communication skills and other qualities I acquired in these activities will be conducive to advanced research in an American university. At the time being, I think I am honest, intelligently mature and psychologically ready for this goal and I believe that I can accept any challenges and will surely make success in the end. Would you accept me as one of the members of your scholarship to fulfill my dream? I hope I can contribute my strength and intelligence to SLU community. You are sure to find that your investment on me is really awarding and worthwhile.

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