APUSH Electoral College

What mechanism is used to select President and Vice President during a general election?
The Electoral College
When a person votes for President, what are they really voting for?
a group of electors.
Why does the Electoral College exist?
The Founding Fathers believed the average American was inept.
How does the Electoral College determine the number of electors from each state?
Each state’s electors = the total number of Representatives and Senators in U.S. Congress.
How many electors does the District of Columbia have?
3 electors (the minimum)

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How many total electoral votes are there?
538 (435 Representatives, 100 Senators, 3 from D.C.)
How many electoral votes must a candidate receive in order to win the Presidency?
270 – the majority.
How is the president selected if no single candidate receives 270 electoral votes?
The House of Representatives selects the President – each state gets one vote.
When has the House been used to determine the president?
Twice – Thomas Jefferson in 1801 and John Quincy Adams in 1825
Three Flaws of the Electoral College
-Unequal representation for large and small states
-A candidate who wins the popular vote could still lose the electoral college
-Electors could go against the people’s vote
Presidential Election of 2000
Gore won the Popular Vote. Bush won the Electoral Vote. It was disputed because of recounting controversies in Florida.
What states are often Democratic?
The coasts. (New York, Massachusetts, California, etc.)
What states are often Republican?
The middle and the south. (Texas, Utah, Kansas, etc – Bible Belt)
What states are often swing states?
Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida
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