AQA Biology AS Level Exam style Answers Essay

A is a substrate for the enzyme as it has the complementary shape to fit into it. 1 b. The non-competitive inhibitor decreases the ROR as it binds to somewhere else than the active site and then causes the active site to change shape meaning the substrate is no longer complementary so it wouldn’t bind together. ICC. Peptide Ice. The 35 and 52 amino acids are held close to form the active site due to the tight folding of the polypeptide chains AI.

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AQA Biology AS Level Exam style Answers
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There will be more kinetic energy which means there will be more successful collisions and then more enzyme-substrate complexes. AI. The enzyme is denatured, this means that the substrate will no longer fit into the active site and is no longer complementary. B. The curves level out as the same value as the ROR us quicker so the active sites get full quicker, the same thing happens at 27 but it happens slower due to less heat and therefore less kinetic energy, the mass is exactly the same.

A. There is a lower activation energy so the molecules are brought tighter together.

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