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Aquarius Ales Summary



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    Aquarius Ales was a popular pub, a hangout place for many college students and state employees, professionals, convention attendees and for those who just wanted to socialize and have a place to hang out. The owners were ready to sell their business and retire due to the long hours and management and regulation problems and sell it to someone younger. The club moved to accommodate changing times and dates. They would even pay for one-time televised sports events which attracted a huge crowd where they would do their majority of the business.

    The owners themselves were not entrepreneurs and after consulting John who was willing to buy the place offered 450 thousand to purchase the pub even though he knew it was a lot lower than what they were asking. They performed a discounted cash flow analysis to show why their original asking price was way too low. The Greens believed that a 15% return was low and the stocks historically show an average of 7-10 percent in the low side. Marc and John wanted to use publically traded comparables I order to show the Green’s what the pub would be worth under these circumstances, even though it was not reasonable to compare a large publically traded company like Applebee’s which John owns to the small pub that the Green’s own. Looking at the balances sheet of the pub their cash flow has been increasing over the years with a steady inventory increase.

    Their total assets have been seeing a large return and a double of the previous year’s return in the last year. They haven’t invested too much in the capital because they don’t have much of a difference in depreciation to see a change in invested capital machinery. In the liabilities, they have increased over the course of the past three years and have gone up around a thousand from 2004 to 2005 and have jumped to 10 thousand from the previous year. But total assets on the other hand have changed at a constant increase of about 10 thousand per year.

    There could be multiple reasons for these, the notes payable that the company now is holding is around 13458 in 2006 where it was only around 9 thousand the previous year and around 8 thousand the year before that. This increase in notes payable could add to the increase in total liabilities. The accounts payable have increased around a thousand years and that change has let the income tax payable to be around the same, slightly higher but still in the 2 thousand. Current liabilities have actually decreased this year compared to the previous year but not by much. It went from 6024 to 5944.

    Total current liabilities have been the highest for the year of 2006. It was around 4 thousand higher from the year 2004 to 2005 and it was around 5 thousand higher in the year 2006 from the previous year. The reason the change was much significant in the current year compared to the previous year is because of the long term debt which went down in 2005 compared to 2004 and went back up again significantly, even exceeding the year of 2004 in 2006 which added to a total increase of around 10 thousand from the year 2005 to 2006.

    In comparison to the other companies in the same industry as Sterling Household, the median of the industry is around 1315.3 and the average is 1869.0 for the LTM revenue and the EBITDA is 177.5 and 235.1 respectfully, and for the NI it is 33.3 and 84.1 respectfully. The total assets are 935.5 and 1167.3 respectfully same for the book value where it is 486.7 for the median and 5656 for the average as well. The range varies a lot when it comes to the numbers mentioned above for the companies in similar industries. The reason being that not all of them are directly applicable because some of them focus mainly on restaurants and some are just restaurants. The ones that are most applicable are the pubs and the ones that focus heavily on the bars and then a real valuation can be taken into account.


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