Arab intercultural style Essay

This photographic report is a simple introduction to the Arabian lifestyle - Arab intercultural style Essay introduction. Arab Americans are a distinguished group of citizen, most of them are considered successful. Many pictures in this paper show how family and religion is influencing the life of every Arab family  and the data introduced show how many of Arabs are living in USA with a brief description of family communication.

Lifestyle photographs
Figure 1.

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Arab intercultural style
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*Excludes persons who identify as Chaldeans, Assyrians, or other Christian minorities in Iraq.

* * Includes those from Algeria, Bahrain, Comoros Islands, Djibouti, Kuwait, Libya, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, the United ArabEmirates, and Yemen. Does not include persons from Sudan, Somalia, or Mauritania.


Figure 2.

*Catholic include Roman Catholic, Maronite, and Melkite (Greek Catholic)

                                                                **Orthodox includes Antiochian, Syrian, Greek, and Coptic

                                             ***Muslim includes Sunni, Shi’a, and Druze


Figure 3.

(Men friendships)

Figure 4.

(Arab American families)

Figure 5.

Arab Designers both men and women

Figure 6.

Arabian Cuisine with lots of oil and meat

Figure 7.

Hala Ranch Aspen, Colo., $135 million: Owned by Prince Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdul Aziz, former Saudi Arabian ambassador to the United States, this 95-acre estate boasts a 56,000-square-foot, 15-bedroom, 16-bathroom mansion

Figure 8.

Belly Dancer, doing the most fascinating Arab dancing

Figure 9.

Arab females love Gold very much since they are young girls

Figure 10.

Friendships for girls are only with their same sex

Figure 11.

Female clothes are varying in shapes, but all agree in covering the body parts

Figure 12.

The fascinating Arab sports, Falconary and Camel riding

Figure 13.

In a San Francisco high school, a Muslim woman lectures on the meaning and observance of Ramadan,

the holiest month in the Muslim calendar.

Figure 14.

                                                   The Arabian version of Barbie “Fulla” symbolize the Arabian woman

Arabian communication style
Arab communities hold a great respect for the eldest, the most respectable one in the family is the oldest one. Children keep obeying their parents till they get old and die, they also obey their teachers(Starrett,1998,p (.Children and teenagers don’t leave the family house until they grow up and get married ,some of them stays up to their fortieth.

Arab teenagers seem to be more difficult to deal with, they prefer dealing and listening to their friends rather than their parents, and keep making some family problems. This period is the most difficult in the Arab’s family life. Friendship between similar sexes is the appropriate kind of relationships between Arab children and youth, because friendship between boys and girls is likely forbidden by Arabian religion and customs.

Family reunions are done on regular basis many times of the year. In Religious days and festivals beside the regular weekly visits for parents after the children of the family get married. The third generation “Grand children” in each family obey and respect their grandparents also. Arab families count on religion in the first place to do every thing in their life especially abroad. They keep more and more attached to their original religion and teach their children in a community schools related to their national group or religion. This may produce many problems with community they live in, like the “Hijab” problem in France few years ago. This kind of problems and attitudes may make their daily life in the foreign communities harder(Bayomi,2006).

Many Arabs in USA and other countries are successful and respectable persons, who try to make their way in a stranger community. This is needed to be respected.

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Bayomi, L. (2006, 6 14).Arab American Facing Radical situations.Islam Today.

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