Araby by James Joyce

Araby by James Joyce

            The Araby that was written by James Joyce is an example of a short story that motivates its readers to look beyond the narration of the story in order to understand its message - Araby by James Joyce introduction. The readers have to read between the line so that they could grasp the lesson of Araby. This is exactly what I did while I was analyzing this story and by doing so, I was able to understand that this story does not merely tell a tale about first love but rather it also deals with the distinction between reality and the ideal life. The boy was living in a dream which is clearly seen by the way he perceived the girl that she loves. This is also proven during one of the events in the story wherein the boy could still think of the girl despite the chaotic setting of the market that he was in. This only goes to show that during this time he was living in ecstasy and pain of first love. However, things started to change because of the boy’s disappointment and realization. The “blindness” of his aunt and uncle to see the excitement of the boy as well as the actions of the people in the bazaar made him realize the reality of things. He found out that the world is unfriendly and ugly just like how the bazaar is dirty and disappointing. The bazaar made him realized that he was living in the a world of make believe wherein all his dreams will not come true, which makes him feel the anguish and anger within him.

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Statement 1

            The response of statement 1 focused merely on the love story angle of Araby. The answer did not capture the real message of the story especially when it comes to distinguishing reality from as dream because the response believed that the whole event is a reality. It was merely looking at the facade without really digging deeper to the message of the short story.

Statement 2

            Statement 2 was able to point out the realization of the boy especially in during his frustration when he was waiting for his uncle. The response emphasized that the frustration of the boy made him realize the reality of things about making time for a girl who has not spoken to him as well as the vanity and worldliness of people.

 Statement 3

            The response in statement 3 give importance to the environment of the boy wherein the answer elaborates that the boy became susceptible in living a world of make-believe because he finds this as an escape in his own unhappy life. Nevertheless, statement 3 still discussed how the boy realized that he is wasting his time in his fantasy. The girl at the bazaar made him see that reality of things which he connected with his feeling for his crush. He come to a realization that his love for the girl is frustrating and pointless just like the whole atmosphere in the bazaar.


Joyce, J. (1952). Araby. Massachusetts: Simmons College Print Shop.

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