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Are Immigrants Stealing U.S. Jobs?

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  • Pages 2
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    They seek opportunities that are not available to them in their home country. Most of these people have a hard time finding that opportunity to live a better life. The jobs that Mexican immigrants do find are almost always jobs that Americans won’t take because they feel they are too good for the job. Mexican immigrants want a better standard of living so they will take any job available or that is offered to them. As a result, they take labor-intensive jobs and work for cheap wages, while the rest of the unemployed American population sits on their butts living off welfare.

    Mexicans are being treated unfairly for just trying to make better lives for themselves and their families. Americans are blaming immigrants and undocumented workers for their problems in not being able to find a job. Instead, we need to look in the mirror and understand how lazy and ignorant that makes us sound. Instead of blaming other people for your problems, Americans need to find it within themselves to realize immigrants are not the problem we are the problem. In fact, research shows that immigration positively affects U. S. Rockers’ wages and employment (Keller, 2013). Generally, native-born workers and immigrants have different skills that complement each other, which means they won’t be competing for the same jobs as they seek different types Of work. Research also shows that as new immigrants come into the country, the number of jobs offshore in the manufacturing sector decreases, keeping more manufacturing jobs here in the U. S. (Keller, 2013). Also, an increased supply of labor means firms are beginning to expand their business, and that means more jobs available for everyone.

    Jimmy Santiago Abacas has another piece of literature called Immigrants in Our Own Land that talks about the struggles immigrants have in the U. S. This piece deals more with the prejudice Americans have against Mexicans, even though they have a long history in that region of southwest U. S. Americans seem to think that they have more of right to live there than any one else does. In conclusion, undocumented workers are a growing problem her in the U. S. , but the claim that illegal immigrants are taking U. S. Citizen’s jobs is not true.

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