Are We Better Than Our Forefathers Essay

Are We Better Than Our Forefathers? - Are We Better Than Our Forefathers Essay introduction?? In the 21st century, mankind is evolving. Now we live our lives in a manner that our forefathers did not. If our forefathers could see the life we live now, they would be very disappointed as we are not as hardworking as they were. They worked day and night to achieve the smallest success. We depend on machinery to do our work and because of that, people nowadays have grown obese and lazy. Watching television too long can harm our eyes and it affects our physical fitness, yet we spend a bulk of our time in front of it.

The effect of excessive TV viewing on the youth is great, which isn’t something our forefathers suffered from. Our forefathers were very social as they cared about and helped each other, but due to technology we are imprisoned in our homes and rarely leave unless we have to go out to buy something. Religion is an important aspect in our life. Our forefathers were very faithful and strongly believed in religion, but our youth has been diverted from the religious ways by copying the West’s modern ways. Their religious leaders were not as corrupt as ours are. Our forefathers had a lot of moral values but we have lost ours.

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Are We Better Than Our Forefathers
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They preserved and cared for their environment by planting trees and plants, using natural fertilisers and not using harmful substances. Since there was no industrialisation, there were no factories or cars to release harmful gases such as carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases which may lead to global warming. There was no air pollution so the air was fresh all the time. Today people are suffering from respiratory diseases and other sicknesses because of industrialism. Our forefathers were better than us as they lived simple, religious, clean and happy lives, so we should try to adopt their good aspects.

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