Argumentative debate on whether college students should be provided with college books Essay


The debate on whether college students should be provided with college books when in class or if they should buy their own books elicits varied viewpoints - Argumentative debate on whether college students should be provided with college books Essay introduction. While there are those who think that students ought to buy their own books at college as a sense of some responsibility, there are those who hold that students should be given books by the college so that each student can have the required books. In view of these opposing sides this easy aims at reviewing this issue, the question being asked is: students should not have to buy college books, but instead have them given to the students in the class. The essay will proceed by outlining three key points as to why students should not buy books at the college.

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Argumentative debate on whether college students should be provided with college books
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All students will be assured of books

The college should provide books to students; this will ensure that each and every student gets the necessary stipulated books that are essential for his/her learning at the college. Some students may have financial problems, and therefore not afford all books required by the college. For such students, it is important that the college provides books, in order for these students to continue well in their studies. However, it is not possible to provide books for a certain group of students whether there are having financial difficulties and leave out other. In this sense, the college should thus provide books to each student. This apart from ensuring that each student has the required books will create uniformity in books, improve learning and performance of the students and general give the teachers at the college an easy task of teaching.

Reduce burden to the parents

With hard economic times being witnessed in all sectors, parents and guardians are being hard pressed to cater for many responsibilities that comes their way. Adding them a burden of buying books will merely complicate their lives much more. Indeed such parents will end up looking for cheaper stores where they can buy books at a cheaper price; some will even look for used (second hand) books so that they can spend less. This will as well affect their children studying at the colleges, as their might loss their self esteemed when using torn old books. Definitely their grades will suffer. Therefore, to assist parents and to ensure that all students have college books at the time they are required, colleges should provide students with books, this will directly benefit the parents and also the college.

Smooth running of the college

A big disappointment in teaching is coming to class, telling a student to remove a particular text book and being told by the student, that he/she does not have that text book. Such a scenario disrupts the normally learning in class and interferes with the lesson plan of the teacher. For, the college to avoid such cases, it is important that it should provide books to all students. This will ensure a smooth running and teaching in class and give teachers a humble time to teacher. The end result is that, the teachers will be motivated, students will be happy and the education level at the college will be high. Bearing in mind that books are the most important tools of learning, it is essential that these “tools” must be provided at all the time by the college for students and the teachers to use them.

However, having said that, there are those who oppose these viewpoints and instead suggest that students should buy their own books and that the college does not have a duty of providing books to students.

Students will be more responsible

According to them, students ought to be responsible for their education, and one way of being responsible is buying their own books so that they can feel how important college education is. They add that, merely giving them books will not make them realize that these books are costly; neither will it make them feel that education is expensive, and thus they will have laxity in their studies.

Overburdening the college

In addition, those opposing students to be given free books by the college argue that this will be overburdening the college. Books are expensive and buying books for each student students is a big expense to the college and the government. At the end, the view that this burden may be transferred to the tax payers.


This easy concludes that for smooth running of teaching in colleges, high performance of students and lessening the financial burden of the parents, colleges should provide books to the students. This will also ensure that all students have equal facilities in terms of books and all of them can have an equal opportunity of studying without being worried of where they will get their books. Though there are those who oppose these views by saying that it will make students not to be responsible and that it will overburden the college, the answer is that they are wrong. Being responsible does not imply that you have to buy a book, one can buy a book a still be irresponsible. And for overburdening the college, well a lot of funds used in colleges comes from the government, which gets its money from its citizens, thus the citizens will as well be paying for the books and not the college alone. As such we strongly conclude that: students should not have to buy college books, but instead have them given to the students in the class.


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