Argumentative Paper: Plastic Surgery

With the pressure of looking the best you can in today’s society, people are striving to have that perfect picture face and eye-catching body that would make anybody jealous. Plastic surgery has always been seen as the “quick fix” for someone trying to look a certain way and in the past years, the amount of people who have gotten plastic surgery procedures has increased significantly. Individuals may say that plastic surgery is not an issue, but it is. These procedures cannot only harm the patients, but negatively affect others associated with that person.

Plastic surgery defeats the whole purpose of natural beauty and with that comes the influence to change yourself to appeal to others. There are so many negatives to plastic surgery that these procedures should be limited and used only for those who actually need it. Whether fifty years old or eighteen years old, people of all ages are getting cosmetic surgery procedures done. What’s alarming is the reasons people are getting the surgeries and at how young they go to do it. Almost everyone who has gotten plastic surgery says they did in order to make them feel better about themselves and gain confidence.

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But then when you look at how young some of these patients are, you begin to worry on how far getting the “perfect looks” can influence a person to go. People should not have to resort to surgery in order to feel confident and comfortable in their own bodies, it is the pressures from society that makes them feel this way. Society should not want their youths or anyone to have to go through such extremes to fit in. Natural beauty should be cherished and not pushed to the side for cosmetic enhancements.

People who get plastic surgery want to fix their mental state about themselves, but they don’t realize that fixing the physical state won’t always help. Cosmetic surgeries are influencing our younger generations to change themselves for others to fit in. This makes our society look like we don’t appreciate people who don’t have the perfect look. Cosmetic surgery only serves to show everyone how spoiled of a society we are. What we want we can get, even if we pay thousands and go under the knife for it. When people feel that there is something that they cannot possibly achieve, it humbles them. The feeling of not being able to get omething reminds us how we are just normal people. However, cosmetic surgery changes this perception. We feel we can achieve all we want to in life, and that only makes us seem narcissistic and shows our spoiled natures. We would not want this for our children, so adults shouldn’t do that as well. Other cultures see these procedures as degrading to the natural human body, but us Americans see it as totally fine. We don’t truly understand the meaning of natural beauty. In some cases, cosmetic surgery does help individuals. Things like skin grafts on burn victims, or the correcting of an abnormal feature on the human body.

These things help people feel more normal. This is how cosmetic surgery was first used. Then people started to use cosmetic surgery, not to look merely normal, but to look perfect. They wanted their bodies to look like the airbrushed girl or boy in the magazines. These models are also photoshopped which proves that no one can look “perfect” but people try anyways. Also, we have now been taken one step further into the nightmare by people using surgery to look abnormal. People having their features changed in order to look like animals or serpents. This freaky use of cosmetic surgery is not healthy.

What was once medical and good is now nothing more than abusing a medical procedure. Surgery is becoming more and more common, and contrary to popular belief, it is not among the rich. Poorer people now are considering cosmetic surgery as a viable option for them. These people will save and save, sacrificing their ordinary day lives in order to look like celebrities; whether that be extreme fanaticism or just having the “perfect body”. This is not healthy, if these people did not have the option to have cosmetic surgery they would live better lives. They would spend their money on things that are more important than their appearance.

A case can also be made that cosmetic surgery helped create our recession. People filled their heads with ambitions of looking good, and took on debt in order to cover the cost. This was debt on credit cards and mortgages which ultimately led to the credit crunch. Cosmetic surgery is not all completely terrible. We cant deny that enhancing our appearances is the demand of people because everyone always wants to be more good-looking in others’ eyes. The point here is the way you make it. If you take too much advantage of comestic surgery, it’s really dangerous and you can face unforeseen consequences. then it’s too late for you to regret.

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