Arraignment Paper Essay

Misdemeanor Arraignment Paper
1 - Arraignment Paper Essay introduction. Name of Judge:
Jerome E. Brock
2. Name of three defendants:
Jennifer Clark, Maria Decamphlei Derasquez, and Edgar Alcazar 3. What are the charges for the 3 defendants?
1. Jennifer Clark: Not showing up to trial; 2. Maria Derasquez: Driving with a suspended license; 3. Edgar alcazar: Carried controlled substances 4. What are you impressions of the defendants?
Just like the judge Brock told us beforehand, most of the defendants looked very nervous and were very stiff. Some defendants didn’t know how to speak English but there were a Spanish interpreter at court to translate for them. 5. Do you believe you can judge a person by their looks?

I feel like judging a person by his/her looks is premature and inefficient to judge them. In order to judge a person fairly, a judge needs evidences that are from trustworthy sources. 6. What are your impressions of the judge?

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Judge Brock was really nice and he talked to us about the basics of an arraignment before the actual arraignment occurred. He also desperately wanted to show us that judges are not actually like Judge Judy. During the arraignment, he gave a lot of valuable advices to the defendants and was nice to them as well. 7. Do you believe the court is efficient dealing with all of these criminals? I feel like the court worked with the criminals quite efficiently. There wasn’t much resistance from the criminals, mostly because there were two armed sheriffs present. The judge was really nice to the criminals and everything ran smoothly. 8. How was your overall field trip experience?

The field trip was fun and eye-opening for me. Although I had trouble staying awake as I am not used to waking up so early, the field trip was definitely worth my time. Since it’s my first time in court, I learned a lot of new things, and the judges aren’t nearly as scary as I thought they would be. 9. What was the most memorable aspect of this field trip? It surprised me that there are interpreters in the court, as it never occurred to me that criminals might not speak English. It’s even cooler than the court has interpreters for over seventy languages, with Spanish and Vietnamese interpreters present almost every day.

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