Arranging Marriage Essay

At first Nanda was against the whole arranged marriage idea she says “Had anyone tried to arrange my marriage I would have been defiant and rebellious”(pg128) and I don’t blame her for thinking that way because in this American society we’re taught to get to know a person then to “fall In Love” but once she got to India and talk to many young well educated women she figure out why arrange marriage wasn’t that bad one of the girls even said “My marriage is too important to be arranged by such an inexperienced person as myself - Arranging Marriage Essay introduction. In such matter, it is better to have my parents’ guidance.” This made perfect scent, because parents do know best, and only want the best for their child. Most people in the united state rush into things like relationship and marriage. Like the saying goes “whatever you rush into you rush out of” a lot people get a divorce.

At the end Nanda says “the positive aspects of arranged marriages appeared to me to outweigh the negative. In fact, I thought I might even participate in arranging a marriage myself” so Nanda’s outlook on marriage became more positive as the essay ended. I personally think “Love Match” is better because no matter how perfect a person seem in front of your parents they might be different when you’re only with him. Most people show off to parent and have a different side to them. Another reason is say u wanted to get a divorce you really can’t because the family will be in your business and its going to be very awkward towards your parent.

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