Article Critique Essay - Part 3

Article Critique

            “Reading program, interventions help bring along struggling students” was written by Kristofer Noceda and discusses a reading intervention program that has been introduced to elementary schools - Article Critique Essay introduction. This program, Headsprout, has not only proven to be successful, but to be beneficial to the educational futures of many elementary-aged students that had previously had difficulties with reading comprehension. The reason that I chose this article is that poor reading skills are, unfortunately, very common in our students; as more intervention programs are introduced to classrooms, more students gain the chance to improve themselves and excel in their studies.

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Article Critique
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            This article relates to the development of intervention programs as it presents one of more successful programs currently being used in reading comprehension intervention. This program can pave the way for similar programs that can help children in their targeted areas of difficulty when it comes to reading. This article also brings to light, once again, the troubles that children are facing when it comes to reading. Intervention needs to take place while they are still young, in elementary school; the older that they become, the less chance there is of improving their reading skills, which will only hold them back in the rest of their studies, as well as having them perform poorly on the high-risk tests that most schools require of students.

            I agree with all that the author had to say in the matter of reading intervention and elementary school students. Being able to read and comprehend what has been read is vital for every student and for success in school. If more programs similar to Headsprout are created and introduced to young students, they have the chance at improving their reading comprehension and, in turn, improving their grades.


Noceda, K. (2009). Reading program, interventions help bring along struggling students. The Daily Review. Retrieved June 19, 2009, from

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