Article II

President term length
4 years
How many electoral college votes to win?
270 votes to win
How many electors in the Electoral college?
538 total

435(HOR)+100(Senate)+3(District of Columbia)

What if the Electoral College ties?
The House of representatives select the next president and the Senate selects the vice president.
How often have the results of the Electoral College differed from the popular vote?
Bush over Gore in 2000
Harrison over Grover Cleveland in 1888
Rutherford B Hayes over Samuel Tilden in 1876
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What amendment supersedes the original constitution where the VP and President run in different elections
The 12th amendment
What are the Qualifications for the president?
35 years old
Born in US
Live in US for 14 years
According to the Presidential Succession Act of 1947, who becomes president if both the President and VP are unable to assume their duties of the office? What amendment modified this clause?
The Speaker Of the House. 25th amendment
What curb is placed on the treaty-making power of the president?
2/3 vote in senate
What appointments may the president make providing the senate concurs?
Appoints nearly all high ranking positions
cabinet heads, foreign ambassadors, heads of agencies, supreme court justices, federal judges.
Executive Powers
Executive orders.
Enforce laws.
Clarify broad laws.
Preserve and protect the constitution.
Appointing power.
Removal power
The president can remove people for inefficiency or neglect of duty without congressional consent.
Executive order
Rule/Regulation that is like a law
Formal agreements between nations approved by 2/3 senate vote.
Executive Agreements
Pacts between president and other heads of state.
Accepting the government of another country as legitimate.
Ambassador/diplomatic official exchange.
Legislative powers
Recommend Legislation.
Call congress into special session.
Veto power.
Judicial Powers
Clemency Reprieve and Pardon
leniency. Regarding federal crimes excepting impeachment.
To delay punishment
Legal forgiveness of a crime.
Conditional or unconditional.
reduction of consequences
blanket pardon to group of violators
Presidential and VP wage.
400,000 per year for president. 212,000 for VP. 50,000 a year to look presidential.
Chief of State
Ceremonial head of the government, symbol of the US.
Chief Executive
Vested with the executive power. It is broad in domestic and foreign affairs.
Chief administrator
director of the executive branch
Chief diplomat
the main architect of American foreign policy and the nations spokesperson to the rest of the world.
Commander in Chief
In charge of the nations armed forces.
Chief Legislator
the main architect of public policies.
Chief of party
The leader of the political party that controls the executive branch.
Chief Citizen
Representative of all people. Protect the Public Interest
What are the Vice President’s Roles?
President of the Senate: Breaks ties, swears in new members of the senate after an election.
Succeeds the president in case of death or removal.
What Factors have fostered a tremendous growth in power for the president?
Unity of Office.
Strong Personalities.
Growth of US military.
Money talks.
Unity of the office
The executive branch written in a way that vests all power of executive branch to the president.
Strong Personality
Presidents with strong personalities have themselves added to the power of the presidency.
Growth of US military
As the military grows, so does the presidents power.
Known as gunboat diplomacy.
Money talks
As the US economy grew, so did power of president.
Known as dollar diplomacy.
How is a president Impeached?
Impeached by a simple majority in the House of Representatives.
The Trial occurs in the senate.
What happens when convicted?
2/3 vote is needed.
removal from office.
prohibit from future office.
Tried in regular courts.
Tenure of Office Act 1887
passed over Johnson’s veto.
President couldn’t dismiss appointed official without approval. Repealed and unconstitutional.
lying under oath
Obstruction of Justice
withheld information
Two presidents impeached?
Bill Clinton and Andrew Johnson
Political Efficacy
don’t think their vote counts
Ballot Fatigue
Lower down the ballot you go the less you know about each candidate.
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