Article Review - Part 3

Introduction In a Health Affairs article entitled “Obtaining Greater Value From Health Care: The Roles of the U - Article Review introduction. S. Government”, the quality and cost of the United States health care system are assessed. This article was collaborated by Stephen C. Schoenbaum, Anne-Marie J. Audet, and Karen Davis into existence and to state their claim that without the intervention of a strong federal government in the health care system, the state of the country will be economically reflected by the lack of a federal government.

Article Review Assessment This article shows the need for the federal government to intervene in the way the health care system is running. It also shows exactly how the government should intervene and the positive outcomes that would result from that intervention. They state that because they are the largest single payer and the largest single provider of care from the Veteran Health Administration, the Department of Defense, and Indian Health Service.

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They state that the federal government is the only entity that has the ability to get the attention of all the interested investing parties in order to improve care and raise the bar on the expectation of health care. Also the article states that the role of the federal government has been limited so far. The efforts made to improve quality of health care and dispersment of care equally has been given very little funding. If the government were able to divvy out the proper funding toward health care and increase their role they could do a number of things to improve the quality of care given.

These actions include but are not limited to sponsoring the use of uniform measurements of health care quality, implement information systems that are available to the private sector, and provide incentives and rewards for excellent performance in providing care. Conclusions According to this article, there are many areas that the federal government can make improvements and set a standard policy for the nation so every discipline in health care has equal footing on the playing field.

From the federal and state collaboration to create a new agency that could assess the need of individual cities and target areas, to the setting of a standard payment policy based on the performance of health care services rendered are great ways for the intervention of the government to be implemented. Personal Assessment Personally, I feel like this article makes a great case for the implementation of federal intervention. The quality of health care is a direct correlation to how well the nation’s productivity level is holding up. Link to Article http://www. healthaffairs. org/CMWF/Schoenbaum. pdf

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