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Articles about branding

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Also, the company is lancing to focus more on its main menu such as Big Mac and French fries which account for about 40%. The company announced that it is going to try to do more staffing, increasing chains and customizing to meet customers’ satisfaction. These plans will help McDonald’s profits in the future because the company tries to increase the brand’s images by differentiating it from the others. The company also tries to strengthen Points-of-Difference Associations by satisfying customers’ expectation and need more.

Source: http://online. Was]. Mom/news/articles/ SIB 0001424052702303825604579515802238919732 Article 2: It’s Brooklyn, Basketball and Branding as Nets Head to London A NAB basketball team, Brooklyn Net’s, plans to boost its brand awareness to the world by matching in the foreign countries. As the Basketball has been getting internationally famous, and as many foreign players have come to the NAB, The Nets should find a way to show itself internationally. There are some key reasons. First, the Net’s has three foreign players of Russia, republic of Georgia, and Bosnia and Herringbone.

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Second, the team’s another target market, China, has a basketball league and it will e helpful for promoting its brand. Finally, Net’s thinks that international match is helpful for the players because they seldom have a time to meet other family members or even to go trip. This article will demonstrate some marketing theory that everything can be a brand and this will be useful for the team in the future. Source: http://www. Anytime. Com/2014/01113/sports/basketball/its-Brooklyn- basketball-and-branding-as-nets-head-to-London. HTML? Action=click=Search=searchResults=relbias :AAArl=http://query. nytimes.AnytimearComsbesmearsheffectivenesslIFkfactionMdick’sldemagoguen26thTo Do Something Amazing In Singapore Coca col makes a good marketing plan bycooloperating with the Singapore Kindness Move to help workers from third countries such as China, India and Bangladesh.

The C cola does CSR as well as strengthen the branCARSssociation and value that the company offers workers photos added to cans of coke which provide thankful wor to the workers from the third wordntries. This will help the company get benefits two ways. First, the workers are very delighted by the events from the company a they would be Coca cola’s loyal consumers with a strong association. Second, this event was already issued with videos in the world and the citizens might have go images of the company.

That is, it is possible for them to use Coca cola instead of using the other brands. Finally, other companies which are related to the coke Ilk McDonald want to contract with Coca cola for the good image. Source: http://www. businessinsider. com/coca-cola-delBusinesspersoninComrticle 4: Jadeveon Clowney Signs EndorsementSaddenedtClooneyPuma makes a ontract with JadeveonPumawney, theentrantfensivSaddenedoClooneymong the NFL players to do partnership. TheNFGmpany offered him custom snake skin shoes. Th player already signed of doing Thedorsement with Puma.

This will be good for Pu some ways. First, by using famous NFL player, and by boosting his phNFGcal tal the Puma could highlight the qtallity of its brand that says the Puma shoes are preferred by NFL top players. That is, Puma couNFGgive a value to the public. Seco Puma could get familiarity toSec public because of the player’s fame. We call this “Celeb marketing”. Many companies uCalebis marketing tactic to get closer to the target market. For example, Nike contracted with the Michael JNikkein for its baske shoes and Pepsi was endorsedbasksritney Spears.

Source: htBrittleeacherreport. com/articles/20554placeholderowCom-signs- endorsemenSaddenediClooney Article 5: Advertisers Sure Love YouTube, Especially Pepsi Mr. CoopYouth is a chief marketiMr. officer of PepsiCo, announced that the company is going to spend more money in YouTube. He also asked other markeYoutht to invest in the original way in order to build their brands and to attract young customers. Nowadays, except for PepsiCo. , many businesses use the YouTube in Google such as Red BullYouthract more consumers rather than using TV advertisement.

YouTube has promoted itself so thaYouthnies could produce a variety of advertisements. It seems that the ad on YouTube is very successful for manYouthnies and even stars. We can see a Korean singer “PSY who is famous singer worldwideSYS using YouTube. People all over the worldYouthd the music video and he has getting famous and promoted his brand “PS'”. That is, because of media trASsformation from TV ad to Facebook, YouTube, etc. , MarketerBackboneanYouthtrategy of advertisement. As aTTSesult, they can attract more customers and othe markets in the world. Source:thep://blogs. wsJ. om/cmo/2014/05/01 ‘advblobserWasArMomccom6: Chocolate and Its Friends Await the Callers Many candy brands have tried to do marketing efforts for the Halloween because more people recognize the day “Halloween” and they participate in the events such as door rings, gatherings, etc. To attract customers, candy brands like Snickers and Hershey do advertisements by using young Dracula hand, horseless headman, iDrachmaing 10 Halloween products, packaging candies showing image of Halloween, Furthermore, they make discount strategy during a certain period which has Halloween and seasonal candies to promote more customers.

Even non-candy brands such as Frito-Lay also prepare the marketing strategies for the Halloween by displaying a Frankenstein, etc. As a result, thFrankincensetry to make their brands stronger by strengthening products’ images for the specific days. This makes image of their products strong in consumers’ mind. Source: http://www. nytimes. com/2012/10/22/business/mAnytimendComrands-step-up marketing-for-halloween. html? _r=l& Article 7: HalloweenimHTMLw for high profits in China Samsung currently changed the price strategy for its mobile phone in China.

Despite the disappointed people about cheap price of Samsung phone, many expe say that it is not avoidable expeluse of the matured market which causes three reasons of Samsung’s new strategy: An improveSamsungroducts, an improvement in the overall market and an improvement in sales and marketing with innovations and efficiency. Furthermore, the Samsung, which once highlighted its innovative technology and well-designed products has faced the problem of uniqueness and customers could have not recognize that the company’s products are original.

So to prevent its continuous loss in profits, Samsung reduced the prices of its products, but it doesn’t mean that the profits would not be decreased because of big markets and huge production. For short, Samsung changed its price strategy from being expensive to being cheaper sacrificing its brand image. It can be explained that consumer price perceptions for certain brand have got changed, companies have come to change prices of their products to survive in the competitive market situation. Source: http:// www. atimes. com/atimes/China Business/Times03ComtTimes

Article 8: libationboHTMLr marketing spend for PS4 Sony, which is well known for ASSy Station 4, is trying to boost its market spending with a slogan “better than expected”. The company already got so much revenue and it would be used for smartphone and tablets. Sony also smarteneds target customers from gamers to wider audience by using more impact and traditional channels. With these factors, Sony will make and maintain its market share with outsourcing and partnership with other business. For short, Sony tries to make better business by using a slogan and enlarging its target customers.

By the slogan, people might think about Sony when they see the slogan. Furthermore, more customers will use Sony’s products with the stronger Sonny’ss that the product provides and the new segmentation strategy. Source: http://www. marketingweek. co. uk/sectors/techMarketing’selCoomUK news/sony-to-bolster-marketing-spend-foSony4/4009420. article Article 9: Waassrt. com hiArticleP of marketiWalterarComired a neUPvice presidentWalterketing department who is Brian Monahan , a managing partner at MaNonhumanbal. He worked digital marketing, advertising and media buying in his previous Job for consumers.

Walmart decided to hire him becausWalters excellent experience and ability to make advertisement and make strong brand resonance with customers. Anderson says. “His experience and leadership will help Wal-Mart seize the opportunity to Walliver anytime, anywhere shopping experiences. ” (Thad Rueter, 2013) Monahan would tThatiRouterge of thNonhumanny’s e-commerce chain plots because the online sales of chains have got increased continually that soared 30% year over year. With Monahan, Walmart would try to fgurNonhumanowWalterould use sociafigureia with PC, mobile, etc. to increase urther sales.

To a result,ratherompany expects more success in Brazil, China, and UK soon. Source: https://www. internetretailer. comHTTPS/05/28/wInterpretablevpComarketing ArtWalcottoke andupepsi face off for World Cup brand win It seems that it is not avoidable of the competition between Coca cola and Pepsi cola for the upcoming world-cup. As an international event is very important to build a brand image, two companies make their own marketing strategies. Coca cola which is FIFA sponsor plan to invest huge bFIFEt for the World-cup with real-time marketing and beacons technology.

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