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Articles on Emotion & Personality

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Articles on Emotion & Personality: Emotion

            Teenagers are often misunderstood for the kind of attitude they exemplify to others. Sometimes,these attitudes contribute to the misunderstandings caused among peers and their parents or guardians. The forming relationship between the two are now being tarnished by the several problems that have become visible in their lives.

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Articles on Emotion & Personality
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            The article, Problems in Teenagers and Adolescents Owing to Emotional Imbalance, was an article that showcased the numerous emotional effects on teenagers. Although they were written in a bullet form, these emotions showed the absolute truth about teenagers, and the emotions they have (Charming Health, 2008) .

            Furthermore, it is just be right for these actions to be corrected before it is too late. The adolescent stage of a teenager is one of the most pivotal parts of their lives. This is due to the fact that the emotions of teenagers are always at a daze. Actions shown to them may be given too much attention, which may at some point inhibit them from further understanding.

            The article may be simple and informal, like the others, but the insights that were shown in the text showed the absolute truth. These would help adults become more understanding of the actions their emotionally unstable teenagers are going through.  Sometimes, the parents and the guardians become idealists, making them fixed-minded on the things that happen around them. Difficulty is experienced in trying to grasp the technological advancements that have been made. For this, more confusion and misunderstandings become more and more evident.

            Life would be better when there everyone get along well. Less heartaches and the more understanding among individuals is ideal in living a harmonious life together.


(2008). Problems in teenagers and adolescents owing to emotional imbalance. Retrieved   August 13, 2008 from


Articles on Emotion & Personality: Personality

            Each individual has their own set of attitude that may be both positive and negative. These actions are often taken into consideration, and should not be disregarded. Adolescents,in particular, are the most misunderstood group of people. The things that they do with life are usually perceived in a negative way.

            The article, Riding the Roller Coaster of Emotions, was written by Reed Larson. The paper included the numerous issues that were attributed to the emotions of adolescents. Each issue was explained with much vindication, so as to show the guardians and the parents that  these adolescents have something else in mind. Their actions normally represent the way they deal with life, and the different emotions that run through their mind all the time (Larson, 2002).

            Articles have their own way of stating the absolute truth or a lie to people. These are the mere representations that give adults a glimpse of how difficult it is to be an adolescent. The numerous emotions that run through their mind is very difficult to grasp. A certain feeling of isolation is felt, wherein solutions to the problem become more and more vivid.

            Knowing more about personalities makes it easier for us to tackle issues during class. The eyes of the people are further opened, and a certain sense of understanding for these emotionally unstable adolescents become more evident.

            In the practical world, knowing much about these factors would make it easier to deal with everyday lives. An understanding of the parents with their adolescent children is formed, and a new bond is formed. This new bond ties them together, making them more inclined to loving and supporting each other, no matter what the impediments may be.


Larson, R. (2002). Riding the roller coaster of emotions. NYU Child Center Grand Rounds.        Retrieved August 13, 2008 from            http://www.education.com/reference/article/Ref_Riding_Roller/

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Articles on Emotion & Personality. (2016, Jul 27). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/articles-on-emotion-personality/

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