Arts cultural policy and diplomacy in South Korea Essay


Culture, as the greatest wealth of a nation, defines the ethnicity, origin, heritage and history of the people - Arts cultural policy and diplomacy in South Korea Essay introduction. Cultural policy then aims for the preservation of the national cultural traditions and values as the roots of national distinction, honor, strength and inspiration. This is an essential tool in enriching the country’s cultural values as well as in preventing incursion by other countries. South Korea has experienced challenges in framing their cultural policy since most of its people experienced deprivation from establishing their cultural identity during the Japanese colonization and also due to the influence of Western culture. It is fair enough to say that South Korean Government must support Cultural Art activities to empower its cultural identity. This is to re-instill the sense of nationalism of the South Koreans amidst their growing culture. This academic paper argues on the essentiality of government support in protecting and reliving the culture of South Korea. The major impacts of the activities of the government are also determined to provide further basis. Through research, it was found that that the importance of culture and tourism is well known by the South Koreans. There are efforts to develop and preserve their traditions through public offices and through promotion to other countries.

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Arts cultural policy and diplomacy in South Korea
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They also recognize the importance of establishing international cultural exchange and cultural diplomacy to increase the social function of culture and to inculcate respect for one’s heritage and culture. The Korean government’s participation in international cultural enhancement programs has even benefitted other countries through the sharing of their best practices in cultural development. They are also able to develop and implement policies that are directed to improving the efficiency of their support programs. However, the budget allocated seems to be low considering that tourism is one of the country’s top revenue contributors. Nevertheless, amidst various delinquencies, South Korea is still successful in supporting its culture and art.

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