ASH ANT 101 Week 5 Final Cultural Research Paper Essay

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hroughout this course, we have learned that the primary mode of subsistence (how a culture makes a living) impacts many other aspects of cultural behavior and has been an effective way to organize thoughts and studies about culture. In order to demonstrate your understanding of subsistence modes and its impact on a culture and why a culture acts as it does, your Research Paper will require you to:
1. Select a specific culture from the following list:
a. Basseri of Iran
b. The Batek of Malaysia
c. Enga
d. The Amish
e. Huaorani of Ecuador
f. Bedouin
g. Zulu
h. Kurds
i. Maori
j. Mbuti
k. Nayar of India
l. Semai
m. Navajo
n. Tikopia of Melanesia
2. Research this culture using the Ashford University Online Library. Please identify and use a minimum of three scholarly articles from the library in addition to the text your research. Keep in mind that most anthropological research, whether article length or book length, is either an ethnography or an ethnology.

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ASH ANT 101 Week 5 Final Cultural Research Paper
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You may use any combination of ethnographies or ethnologies in your paper.
3. Write a seven to eight page long research paper that does the following:
a. Identifies and classifies the selected culture’s primary mode of subsistence. ( Foragers, Horticulturalists, Pastoralists, Emerging Agriculturalists, Agrarian States, or Industrialists)
b. Analyzes and evaluates the impact that the primary mode of subsistence of the selected culture has on at least three of the following aspects of culture:
i. Beliefs and values
ii. Economic organization
iii. Gender relations
iv. Kinship
v. Political organization
vi. Sickness and healing
vii. Social change
viii. Social organization
The Research Paper must be formatted according to APA style and include a title and a reference page (which does not count towards the page length). For information regarding APA samples and…

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