Aspects of the Personality as an Interactionist Essay

Aspects of the Personality as an Interactionist

            Society is generally composed of individuals who have multi-diverse personality and characteristics as influenced by many social factors including philosophy and culture - Aspects of the Personality as an Interactionist Essay introduction. In this aspect, many social factors influenced and affect the development of the individual resulting to its uniqueness from the general field. Each person has his or her own personality based mainly on his or her philosophy, culture, lifestyle and others.

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Aspects of the Personality as an Interactionist
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            On of the most influential sociological factor in the modern society is the perspective of interactionism. In this sociological perspective, individuals in the society have the philosophy wherein they can eliminate or negate the effects particularly the negative side of social labeling. This promotes the personal view that individuals can breakthrough the sociological definition of their existence levied upon them by the society as a whole. In addition, the sociological perspective of interactionism points out the individuals can resist against the influence of sociological status quo in the development of the personality of each individual. Thus, this sociological perspective ideally promotes the concept of individual rights for their own free will.

            In the psychological field of personality development, the sociological paradigm of interactionism also plays an important role in understanding and elaborating the aspects of an individual’s personality. In the aspect of understanding his or her personality, the perspective of interactionism gives out a critical analysis of the subject including his or her reasons, motivation and influential factors that affect his or her development of such personality. For this analysis, this author will generally focus on the personality of the modern youth particularly those contrasting personalities in their society namely the student community.

             In the present, society is generally composed of contrasting views and personalities wherein many individuals deviate from the common social norm just to have their own definition of uniqueness and individual characteristics. Some people rebel from the norm just to avoid conforming to the social uniform or the idea of common trend. This results to individuals doing uncommon or even radical actions or taking in irrational views just to have the view of their own individuality inside their own society. This concept manifest most in cases wherein people are resisting from being bounded by the social rules and norms wherein they are deviating from them to have a sense of individual characteristic. Another aspect of personality from interactionism is the individual’s resistance to labels or socially established personal roles. This refers to social roles that are established by the society mainly and not through personal choice. This results to the personality development of the individual that does not conform to the established social role as a mean of resistance. Interactionistic perspective explains that this is generally because of the personal will of individuals to exercise their free will of choice resulting to development of the personality that is deviant to the social role.

            Another aspect of personality that is explained through the interactionistic perspective is the development of it through social involvement or through correlating it from other individual’s personality through interaction. This states that individual’s personality is develop through comparing their own individuality with others commencing whether to follow or deviate from the other depending of the preference of the person. Thus, individuals need to interact with each other for them to be able to determine and develop their own personality according to the own preference and personality.

            Thus, the interactionistic perspective explains that individuals develop their own personality from nothing as they interact with others staring particularly with the family unit, community, and the society in general. As individuals go along in their gradual process, they also slowly understand themselves through developing their personality and philosophy as they go along procedure. In this aspect, personality develops through the philosophy of whether clinging to the normative or traditional culture of the community individuals belong with or through deviating from the common norm and embracing g a unique personality out of the common trend. This explains the common deviancy and alterations in the normative personality in the society as the idea of exercising their own free will. Considering the situation of youths in their respective student community, personality development in this aspect commonly manifests in the form of rebellion from the norms and the social labels. This is the rejection of the social influence to the development of one’s personality particularly the impact of normative social roles and social labels established by the society. Indeed, according to the interactionism sociological paradigm, development of the individual personality must be inclined to the idealism of freedom of will which is free from social pressure and oppression.

Aspects of the Personality as an Interactionist Essay

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