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Assel Sargaskayeva Resume

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Assel Sargaskayeva


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Assel Sargaskayeva Resume
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  • Strategic Financial Planning
  • Econometrics
  • Capital Management
  • Corporate Banking
  • Asset Management
  • Financial Management and Analysis
  • Employee Training and Leadership
  • Investment Optimisation


Citibank, Kazakhstan JSC
August 2006 – Present
Management Associate Program

In this program I performed rotations in Corporate Bank (11 months), Treasury (4 months) and HR (3 months). I also effectively managed relationships with 3 of the top-10 banks in Kazakhstan and an oil & gas upstream company, resulting in $2.8MM revenues with strong RORCs.

Further duties as relationship manager included:

  • Ensuring revenue effectiveness by generating revenues, of which 30% should be attributed by Emerging Markets Corporate Bank-covered products (Global Loans, Debt Capital Market, Export Agency Finance, securitization etc).
  • Managing portfolio returns by maintaining and improving average customer RORC and keeping it at above 20%. Attending to other performance criteria under the guidelines of Corporate Bank Head.
  • Ensuring client satisfaction by enhancing and further developing business relationships, understanding clients’ needs, establishing account strategy and offering tailor-made solutions.

  • Facilitating client innovation: where possible identifying and contributing to innovation and client based initiatives.
  • Facilitating wallet effectiveness by improving, where available, current cross-sell ratio and wallet penetration,.
  • Achievement of Compliance and Control
  • Completing all required compliance training
  • Submitting compliance monitoring reports on time.

Achievement of Network Effectiveness:

  • Working closely with product, credit support and operations group of the business inside and outside of the country to generate revenue for the bank by focusing on and adding value to existing/prospective clients
  • Preparing call memos at short notice (within a day) to facilitate timely sharing of issues and information with colleagues and supervisor.

Monitoring and control of Risk Effectiveness:

  • Participating and coordinating submission of Credit Approvals (CAs) and other credit memorandums with risk analyst unit and under the guidance of Corporate Bank Head to ensure timely delivery.
  • Working closely with risk analysts and contribute to timely delivery of high quality CAs and other credit memorandums.
  • Coordinating, negotiating and closing transactions, such as opening accounts, granting credit, plus legal and other documentation ensuring that the bank’s policies and procedures are properly followed.
  • Being proactively alert on credit issues and trends, and deciding actions to prevent credit losses
  • Successfully obtaining credit approvals for new credit relationships
  • Successfully executing (as part of the team) several Debt Capital Markets transactions for Kazakh obligors
  • Successfully completing trainings analysis project for 700 people at Citibank Markets and Banking in Russia.

Financial Director of a holding company:

  • Asset management;
  • Managing economics of a project (i.e. planning its financial & investment parts);
  • Financial management (i.e. budget, cash flow and other ad-hoc projects).

Cass Business School, UK                                              
2004 (3 months) & 2005-2006 (9.5 months)
Research Assistant with Cass Business School Faculty of Finance

Research performed as a part of econometrics analysis, involving derivation and analyses of linear & non-linear error correction models used to explore the UK bank heterogeneities in the interest rate transmission mechanism for the period starting from January 1993 to June 2005.

American Express, UK                                                                               
2003-2004 (14 months)
Business Metrics Analyst: Sales Strategy & Development department for Global Establishment Service, Europe

  • Assisted in incentives management processes (e.g. incentive payments, bounty valuations, setup and communication of full year targets and goals for the 9 European teams)
  • Designed and produced five European internal internet periodical newsletters
  • Assisted in completing budgets and investment optimization templates
  • Developed a model-based forecasting system for program planning, management and control purposes

NB: For development of the forecasting model, I received Reward & Recognition – only one (1) month after joining American Express

  • Managed and coordinated monthly  updates for the Executive Team;
  • Analyzed and prepared quarterly summary report on Risk & Compliance
  • Completed Six Sigma and Re-engineering training programs.

ABN-AMRO Bank, Kazakhstan                                                 
1999 (4 months; part-time)
Internship in Trading Service Department

  • Preparation and delivery of documents;
  • Advisory documentary collection;
  • Opened bank guarantees and imported letters of credit.


City University, Cass Business School, UK                                                                                                                                2001-2005
B.Sc. Banking & International Finance, (First Class Honours)

Dissertation Thesis: Forecasting Gold Prices in the Presence of Structural Breaks

Course Work Included: Advanced Financial Markets, Banking & Financial Management, Business & Financial Forecasting, Financial Econometrics, Mathematical Finance & Statistics


July 2004

Awarded L2 leadership rating at American Express for full year performance.  (L3 is usually awarded for 100% results delivery, whereas L2 and above for higher standard of conduct and results delivery)

March 2004

Given 2 Reward & Recognition awards at American Express for commitment to completing European Incentive payments, reaching targets, and achieving 2004 Goals for the European teams. Award also given for demonstrable contribution to teamwork and (in July 2003) for intensive work and effort toward producing timely and accurate mid-year incentives payments supported by very solid metrics.

September 2003

Awarded CIMA Prize for scoring the highest marks in Financial Analysis and Financial Accounting examinations in Year 2 at City University.

November 2002

Awarded Banking & International Prize for showing conspicuous merit in the field of Banking & Finance, and for being top second student in Year 1 at City University.


Languages: Kazakh (mother tongue), Russian and English (fluent), Spanish (basic)

IT: Ms Office, Visual Basic, Pascal, Bloomberg, Corel Draw, EViews, Microfit, Minitab, SAGE

INTERESTS: Sport, Skating, swimming and gym

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