Assessment Tasks Essay

This is a closed book written assessment - Assessment Tasks Essay introduction. In the time allocated, you are to answer all of the following questions. Make sure you:  Print Clearly  Answer all questions  Use a pen. Assessments written in pencil will not be accepted.  Ask your assessor if you do not understand a question. Whist your assessor cannot tell you the answer, he/she may be able to reword the question for you  Do not talk to your classmates. If you are caught talking, you will be asked to leave and your assessment will not be marked.  Do not cheat. Anyone caught cheating will automatically be marked Not Yet Competent for this unit. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule.

1 – Describe the difference between reflective and transparent originals.

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Assessment Tasks
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Assessment Tasks | ICPPP211C

2 – What are three essential elements to consider when preparing art for printing / publication?

3 –What needs to be considered before outputting to a pdf and direct to print

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Assessment Tasks | ICPPP211C

4 – What affect does using different computer techniques have on preparing a colour rough?

5 – What OHS concerns are there when using cameras or computers?

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Assessment Tasks | ICPPP211C

6 – What is the colour sequence and overlap for transparent / opaque colours?

7 – What effect (influence) does the selection of different type faces have on a job?

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Assessment Tasks | ICPPP211C

8 – Why must you evaluate artwork for density, definition and resolution?

9 – What are the characteristics of properly prepared line artwork?

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Assessment Tasks | ICPPP211C

10 – How do you determine that finished art complies with job specifications and approved

colour rough?

11 – What manuals, safety and other documentation are relevant to developing
a client brief

and where are they kept?

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Assessment Tasks | ICPPP211C

12 – What information is included in these documents?

13- What other sources of information are available

Student Signature __________________________________
END OF WRITTEN ASSESSMENT – Before you hand in your written assessment, make sure that you: – Re-check your answers and make sure you are happy with your responses. – Have written your Name, Student ID Number, and Date on the front.

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